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★★★★★ [ Translate ] UNE MERVEILLE Deux enfants errants devenus jeunes adultes parcourent le Japon à la recherche des assassins de leur famille. Un clan de voyous, ancêtre des Yakuza contrôle une ville, la met en coupe réglée et impose une loi fondée sur la peur, le vol et l'extorsion de fonds...S'y mêlent un ronin devenu garde du corps et un masseur ambulant bretteur hors pair.Un film fabuleux...des scènes de combat bluffantes...une intrigue qui tient autant des westerns de Clint Eastwood que du monde paysan de Kurosawa (Les Sept Samourais)...Une vision jouissive, décalée, à mourir de rire, à la Brueghel, de la vie quotidienne agricole ("le samouraï" du village, la culture du champ, les jeux sous la pluie).Une fin ébouriffante et totalement inattendue stylisant les fêtes de fin de moisson.Extraordinaire. FULBERT LE FULMINANT ( FR ) on Fri 17th Jun, 2016

★★★★ One Star Did not work. Needs Multiregion DVD player. Amazon Customer ( CA ) on Thu 21st Apr, 2016

★★★★★ This Film Was Brilliant The film involves a blind swordsman (zatoichi) fighting off gang members in the town . This film was great, takeshi kitano changed it slightly from the original series of zatoichi films, like different hair and theres a delliteful twist at the end, but even with changes this film is brill. A must for anyone who like's samurai films or is a fan of takeshi kitano Amazon Customer ( UK ) on Thu 25th Feb, 2016

★★★★★ Five Stars very good. product as described and delivered quickly. adam miller ( UK ) on Mon 22nd Feb, 2016

★★★★★ Disappointing I really don't know why Zatoichi got such hight ratings, I found it shallow and boring at times, predictable and not very well shot.'13 assassins' was better filmed, story told and choreographed. Way better (and it wasn't very bloody either, despite the directors reputation - or at least not in a gory way). JG ( UK ) on Mon 22nd Feb, 2016

★★★★★ Masterpiece Kitano is one of my favourite directors. He is able to say so much without dialogue. This films has a lot more pace and humour than his previous filmography. A movie that is well shot, engaging, funny and dark also. It has something for action aficionados but there are much deeper messages for those that are willing to let the story of a blind swordsman open their eyes.It also features a moving and unique soundtrack that features electronic instruments/samples as well as traditional Japanese instruments.Stop reading this go and watch it! FuzzyDunlope ( UK ) on Fri 5th Feb, 2016

★★★★★ One Of The Greatest Films Of All Time. This edition of Takeshi Kitanos fantastic film is the ultimate PAL version with the addition of a DTS soundtrack. Colours are better in the Japanese release, but since I get lots of subtitled extras and a DTS soundtrack (and I prefer PAL speedup to NTSC pulldown) I went with this one.It comes in a metal box with some nice prints of the publicity artwork, a booklet with plenty of Takeshi Kitanos thoughts on his work and a frame of 35mm film. I got one with the rather amusing subtitle "Did you kill everyone in the room?". One of the best collectors edition treats out there.If you haven't actually seen the film then just buy it now. It's clever, funny, violent, moving, silly and thoughtful all at once. I have not seen such a complete work of cinematic art since Kurosawas films and yet this has a style all it's own. The music is clever, varied, and enhances the stunning visuals superbly. With this film Takeshi Kitano takes the step (in my eyes) from talented director to genius. I know people always exaggerate on the net and stuff but I don't. I'm serious. This is a truly awesome work of art. Amazon Customer ( UK ) on Tue 2nd Feb, 2016

★★★★★ Five Stars Excellent. john reeves ( UK ) on Sat 30th Jan, 2016

★★★★★ ZATOICHI THE GREAT Superior movie about a blind swordsman in old Japan that sets the quality bar high for the entire Zatoichi series.As usual with Takeshi KITANO, the blood flows freely while the movie is quite funny - in a self-parodic way: A homily on the virtues of really seeing rather than merely observing the world around us.Moreover, it is a sad tale of orphaned children turning to prostitution to make a living and to provide them with the funds to take their revenge on the samurai who killed their parents. Here, the characterization is finely-wrought - yet Zatoichi himself remains too much of a mystery.The Seven Brides for Seven Brothers finale is somewhat out-of-place, yet fits perfectly! Frank TALKER ( UK ) on Wed 27th Jan, 2016

★★★★★ Transfer Not Up To Blu-ray Standard. Having recently bought a new Pioneer BDP-320 Blu-ray player, I've been buying and watching some great films in the high definition format. I've enjoyed lustrous transfers of films such as "Gone With The Wind", "North By Northwest" and "Zulu" over the last few weeks, and so I had high hopes for "Beat" Takeshi Kitano's 2003 film "Zatoichi".The transfer is deeply disappointing. Having already seen the film in standard definition, there is absolutely no discernable difference between that version and the Blu-ray. Poor contrast levels and picture noise are the ever-present in this version of the film. It's just not good enough.In retrospect, it's hardly surprising. Artificial Eye relases, along with those from the BFI, are usually lazy and slipshod affairs, with poor transfers and so-so extras the norm. In short, AE are the anti-Criterion. It's sad that people -like me- get sucked in with assumptions of a higher quality from Blu-ray releases merely because some high def releases are very good indeed.The film itself is reasonable (although Takeshi's 1997 "Hana-Bi" is in another league in terms of quality) and I would probably give it a 3/5, but the transfer just is not. Add to that the usuual bog-standard "making of" documentary and biographies (all which you could find on the internet), and this is one to avoid. Mr. H. C. Orr ( UK ) on Wed 13th Jan, 2016

★★★★★ Five Stars GOOD GoodForArte ( UK ) on Sat 2nd Jan, 2016

★★★★★ Five Stars love the original, but the humour and lightness in this version make it as good as the original Frazer Miller ( UK ) on Thu 31st Dec, 2015

★★★★★ Great As Usual Kitano has no opponent in the Japanese film industry. Great as usual. Apostolos ( UK ) on Thu 31st Dec, 2015

★★★★★ Five Stars great condition Jeremy H. ( UK ) on Fri 4th Dec, 2015

★★★★★ [ Translate ] Film Mis Dans La Section "culte" Que dire de ce film... TAKESHI KITANO nous a fait un film époustouflant, rien que cela, tant au niveau réalisation qu'au niveau acteur. Bon... je ne suis pas trop objectif, faut l'avouer, vu que je suis un inconditionnel de cet acteur / réalisateur.Ce qui me plait énormément dans ce film de 2003, c'est qu'il m'a tout de suite rappelé à ma mémoire, n'en déplaise à certains trop sectaires, les œuvres de KUROSAWA et KOBAYASHI, carrément. DroopyDGx ( FR ) on Sat 7th Nov, 2015

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