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★★★★★ They Sound Good! Arrived today and yes, early days but sound wise, very impressive. I never knew my PC produced sound that was that good, having used the monitor speakers for quite some months. Only downer, it would have been nice if the speaker cables had been maybe another 50cm longer. I'll have to go buy a cable for the right hand satellite speaker as it just doesn't quite reach to the control box from where I want to put it - it would have reached if I'd had the control box central but I haven't. :-( But still worth 5* Good connection and user instructions. Build wise, very solid too. bertie ( UK ) on Thu 28th Jul, 2016

★★★★★ Arion Legacy 72 Watt sounds great on my sons xbox one tony collins ( US ) on Sun 6th Mar, 2016

★★★★★ Solid Speaker Set With Great Sound Quality EDIT 03/11/2016 ::Control Box stopped working after a few days of light use. I couldn't believe my eyes, because I didn't expect the control box to stop working this soon. The left speaker port on the control box is dysfunctional, and sound is only coming out of one of the speakers. I would definitely not recommend this product.This is my review of the Deep Sonar 750 'Bone-Crushing Bass' Speakers. This speaker set is overall a solid purchase, with very deep and rich bass, as well as a quite robust and attractive design. This review is divided into two sections ' COMPACT REVIEW and DETAILED REVIEW. It's quite self-explanatory ' read the compact review for a solid understanding of reasons why and why not to buy this product, and the detailed review for a deeper understanding.' COMPACT REVIEW' ' PROS + Easy set-up ' plug and play + Solid build quality + Sleek, futuristic design + Deep, punchy bass + Good clear highs and vocals + Can get very loud + Great control box with intuitive controls & useful ports' ' CONS- Somewhat muddy mids (instrumentals)- Thin, fragile RCA cables- Physically large subwoofer and speakers...' DETAILED REVIEW' Easy SetupThe setup of the speaker set was extremely simple. With the helpful step-by-step instructions manual, all I had to do was follow the steps. The speaker set is plug-and-play, so plugging in a few cables was all it took, and the setup process took less than 10 minutes.One small complaint I have here is the durability of included cables. The RCA cables and the 3.5mm headphone cable all seem very fragile. The cables themselves are quite thin, and definitely do not reflect the quality that the speaker set itself boasts. I am assuming for them to hold up fine though, because I'm not going to move around the speaker set at all. Having said that, I will update this review if anything goes wrong.' Build QualityAll components of the speaker set ' the control box, speakers, and subwoofer ' are all made of a combination of matte plastic and glossy plastic. Despite the common misconception that a lot of plastic products look and feel cheap, that's not the case here. The use of matte plastic for the majority of components of this speakers allows them to stay relatively clean, with no dust or fingerprint attraction. The speaker set feels very robust and durable.Having said all that, I do kind of wish that the two speakers themselves had a bit more weight to them ' the speakers are quite lightweight, and somewhat break the illusion of its premiumness when they are lifted.' DesignTransitioning from the robust and durable build quality, the Deep Sonar 750s look great as well. They look quite sleek and futuristic. As mentioned above, the use of glossy plastic on the *front* parts of each component of the speaker set makes them look premium and somewhat classy, while their mainly matte plastic construction allows them to stay clean.There's also a theme of blue going on, with a LED-lit blue ring on the control box, as well as blue ring accents on the speakers and subwoofer. This adds to the futuristic look of the speaker set.One thing worth mentioning here is that the blue rings on the speakers and subwoofer are more noticeable when looked at straight on. I wish that the blue-accent rings on the speakers were more vibrant, but they're not as vibrant as seen in the images' not a major drawback by any means, buts something to definitely keep in mind.Another thing to keep in mind is that the speakers are not very wide, but quite tall. I have no complaints about this, because my concern with the speakers themselves toppling over was proven wrong. The speakers stand still and sit very stably.' Sound QualityTo be completely honest here, the speakers sounded very muddy when I first turned them on. However, after a good burn-in of the drivers, things started to really get better.Arion Legacy advertises this speaker set as having 'bone-crushing bass,' and the bass in the speakers lives up to that. The bass sounds extremely rich and punchy, thanks to the dual-subwoofer present in the speaker set.You may be wondering here ' is bass the only great thing about the sound of this speaker set? This is a reasonable assumption, since a lot of speaker sets that have overpowering bass can muddle up the highs and mids. That's definitely not the case with the Deep Sonar 750s. The highs sound very clear ' when listening to music with a lot of vocals, I was quite surprised at the clarity of the speakers.The only lackluster aspect about the sound of this speaker set is the mids. The mids sound somewhat muddy, with instrumentals not being as distinguishable as I would like them to be. That's not to say that the mids sound horrible, they're just not as good as the highs and lows that the speaker set seems to excel in.As a bonus, the speaker set is overall very powerful, and can get very loud. The set totals an output of a whopping 166W, and my room was able to be FILLED with great music thanks to the sheer power that the speaker set packs.' Control BoxThe control box included with the speaker set is amazing.As for ports on the control box, we have a USB charging port, headphone port, and microphone ports. I found the headphone port to be extremely useful, as I could simply plug in my headphones into the control box when I wanted to enjoy music via headphones. I didn't have to reach the headphone to the back of the monitor, as I would have done without the control box. The USB charging port is very useful as well ' similar to the headphone port, I could just plug in my phone in and get it charging.Possibly more important than the useful ports on the control box are the great sound adjustment knobs. The control box has a BASS knob, TREBLE knob, and a VOLUME knob. It's quite self-explanatory ' you're able to adjust the amount of bass and treble in the music, as well as the volume, and they do work as expected. The knobs feel very nice, with just the right amount of tension ' they're easy to turn, but not to the point where they feel flimsy.'' VERDICT ''This speaker set is a solid purchase. It really is. From the great robust build quality of the speaker set to the well-balanced sound with rich bass, it's no doubt that this speaker set will enhance your music-listening experience. The addition of an intuitive control box is extremely nice. Having said all these great things however, the slight drawback of the lacking mids is disappointing....***Note that I received this product at a discounted price for testing and review purposes. I aim to produce reviews that are helpful for the average consumer, and also helpful for manufacturers in improving their products. I do NOT promise positive reviews. SyTekCity ( CA ) on Sat 5th Mar, 2016

★★★★★ A. Problem One of the speakers is not working. I'm hoping it's not to late to return it😥. ruby g ( US ) on Fri 4th Mar, 2016

★★★★★ Five Stars Sounds great...very pleased... April Eudy ( US ) on Thu 3rd Mar, 2016

★★★★★ Five Stars Great sound, great quality, also love having the head unit separate with the adjustments and volume. Jæ ( US ) on Thu 3rd Mar, 2016

★★★★ Don't Buy These Speakers! What's up ladies and dudes! I never ever write reviews, I buy my product and ignore the leave feedback emails. Here I am, I give it 1 damn star. I have not had this for that long and the right speaker is dead, I of course tried to reconnect everything and it worked for 1 week. Then after a week the right speaker went dead, I again reconnected everything and it worked. Again after a week it died. I'm fkn tired of messing around with this Sh. I had very old logitech 7w speakers that have lasted longer and never had issues with. The sound is very loud but I was expecting a lot louder reading some reviews. The bass is good but I don't give a F about bass, I hate when cars have it up very loud, it's fkn annoying and ignorant to the rest of the people. People who turn their base up in cars are fkn ignorant. Anyway! I hate these speakers, I rarely buy electronics from unknown brands but I am going to get rid of these asap baby! There are speakers that last longer, are better quality and cheaper than these. Take it easy everybody. jv ( US ) on Wed 2nd Mar, 2016

★★★★★ Three Stars The bass speakrs is not that good Abdulhamed ( CA ) on Sat 19th Sep, 2015

★★★★★ Save Your Money.. Absolute trash for the price.Id have expected these to cost $20 for what I got....First off... "made of real wood"... yeah... well... so is paper.I have a $30 pair of logitech's in the bed room that not only sound better and get louder. but feel sturdier - and those are plastic.Boxed them back up after trying them on 3 different inputs.an iPod5, Roku3, and macbook.I didnt plug them into my desktop pc because i have $300 speakers on that already.Results same across the board - and these are advertised to be ideal for all of those things.Having said all that, they LOOK gorgeous, dont touch them or lift them up though, breaks the illusion. Thess ( CA ) on Tue 28th Jul, 2015

★★★★ I Ordered These And I Love Them Although I Guess They Made A Mistake And ... i ordered these and i love them although i guess they made a mistake and gave me two aux cords where i needed another rca cord shane ( CA ) on Thu 9th Jul, 2015

★★★★ Great For A TV Set Up Instead Of Sound Bar ... Great for a TV set up instead of sound bar p.s space sub a good two tiw 3 ft for prime sound lot of reviews state that the sub drowns out mids. Found that spacing was key!!!! zbellabro ( US ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★★ The Bass Is Good It Really Hits Hard I got these speakers for my husband. He loves them and always comments on how he loves having the desktop mounted controller. the bass is good it really hits hard!*edit* after about two days of LIGHT listening the right speaker is blown out. we never once turned up to a noticeably loud level either anna boyko ( US ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★★ Great Subwoffer I love these speakers . I got the Bone crushing bass one and it definetly lives up to its name Jankie ( US ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★ Good But Loose Connection With Mine For dorm speakers they are kinda nice. however the amp that came with them is trash. RCA connection has came loose... ( it was like that when i got it) I forged one and messed with the connection until it came through. For my room sizes they work fine. Tyler Hoffman ( US ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★ Boom Boom Pow! Some reviews had me concerned about wiring issues and a few other things. Had these since around Dec 1st 2015 so almost 3 months.Review for: Arion Legacy ARDS750-BK Deep Sonar 750 Bone CrushingFirst setup had me worried, kept hearing a humming and distortions through my computer audio port. Jiggled the wire and turned the jack a bit and it was perfect and never an issue since.I have yet to find anything wrong with these quality wise and the sound is pretty awesome. I love the bass/treble adjustments on the control box because I don't always want to go into my audio settings on the pc to adjust things. So switching from Netflix, Games, music etc does require adjustments if you care about audio or quality.Bass gets thumpy and high especially combined with equalizer settings on PC. All speakers work, tweeters are nice. Have not tested any jacks for headphones etc for the control box as I have wireless usb headphones.Cons: Personal issues as a user, bright blue light on volume knob can be annoying as I don't always want it lit up when doing things. Size of speakers and don't support laying flat well. Faceplate on front is offset from back of speaker, so if I lay them on their side they are on an angle. Minor thing. Size of speakers were larger than I anticipated for my use and they take up a lot of room on my desk with my 32" Monitor. Again just my own personal issues on my own setup and preferences. Might be helpful for anyone buying.Conclusion: Nice quality speakers that provide more than enough bass, treble and noise. If you need loud like in a car with subs and deafening music, then look elsewhere. Got mine for $100.00 and I feel they were worth it. Beyond that I don't think they are much of a "deal". Definitely worth purchasing overall. CrocodileRock ( US ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

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