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★★★★★ Five Stars Great! Janeal ( US ) on Sat 30th Jul, 2016

★★★★ I Have Always Heard That These Pillows Are Great For People With Back And Neck Problems I have always heard that these pillows are great for people with back and neck problems. Mine have been getting worse lately – blame it on stress! – so I figured maybe it was time to get one and try it out. I usually use a very soft, down-like pillow but this definitely provides more support for the neck. I am a side sleeper, and there were a few times I found this to be just a tad too high but it could also be that I am not used to having such a supportive pillow. I also was not used to having a pillow that has such a defined shape, but the more I slept on it, the more I found that I liked it. I was worried that the material might make too hot during the night, but I did not have any problems with it, which was a relief. The few times that I did sleep on my back, I again found this to be just a smidge too high, though it could be that as I use it more, it will conform better to my head and neck shape. If you’re looking for a supportive pillow, I would recommend this.Please note: I received this product at a discounted rate (or for free) in exchange for an honest review; however, that does NOT influence my opinion of this or any other product I review. I participate in these programs so that I can try things I may not otherwise be able to, as well as to help other shoppers make an informed decisions. Please check out my other reviews to find criticism and praise where warranted. I hope this has been helpful. Jamie S. ( US ) on Fri 29th Jul, 2016

★★★★★ Amazing For My Neck Pain I absolutely love this pillow a lot! It is amazing and helps a lot with my neck problems. The way the seller describes this pillow is accurate. I have bought more of these since trying it out. I cannot think of anything bad about this pillow. The pillow was easy to wash as well. It helps my sleep a lot.I received this product at a discounted price or free in exchange for an unbiased and honest review, based off my personal experience with this product. I was not persuaded or coached to provide positive feedback, nor was I to provide negative feedback. I received this product as an incentive to leave an honest and unbiased review. I am not affiliated with this company or any of their products. The review I expressed is completely based off my opinion and experience with the product. Any positive or negative comments I leave are from my own experience with the product. It may be different with other people. Every product I receive to review, I review as if I paid full price for it to ensure I leave a well described review for people who needed more information. I personally, like most people, rely on reviews to decide if I want to buy a product or not. If you found this review satisfying or helpful, please press yes because that increases my statistics as a reviewer and allows me to reviewer greater products for individuals needing to know more about products before they purchase them. I value any feedback and I truly hope my review helped you with your purchase. Mercedes ( US ) on Thu 21st Jul, 2016

★★★★★ Great Pillow, Let It Air Out Before Using This is my first experience with a contour pillow. Im a huge fan of memory foam pillows and wanted to try this one out. Usually I push some of a soft pillow under my neck because its more comfortable for me when I sleep on my side, but it all winds up on the top of my head, ok kind of hard to explain, but it a nut shell I needed a pillow that was going to keep its shape for the most part. I can say that after sleeping on this pillow for a couple of weeks its extremely comfortable. Im a side sleeper and I've gotten many great nights sleep. Also on occasion when my back is hurting me, I will use this pillow between my knees and it helps.The reason I took two stars off of this review is because of how it arrived. The chemical smell was gross. Im super sensitive to smells and I thought about sending this back because I couldn't imagine I would be able to sleep with it. Furthermore its loosely in a plastic bag which is open on the top and not sealed. It seems something you put your face on every night should at least be completely sealed upon arrival. I let this air out for about 5 days outside, then I doused it in lysol spray and gave it another few days before using. The smell went away and then I finally decided to give it a try. Im glad I gave it a second chance because I really do like the pillow but improvements need to be made with the two issues mentioned above.I hope my experience helps you with your buying decision. This product was purchased at a discount in exchange for evaluation and review without obligations. I work very hard to give thoughtful, honest, and instructive reviews for every item that I order. Some full price, some discounted, and some free. I put a lot of time and honest effort to be objective and straight forward. If you found this to be at all helpful, please give me a "yes" to know that I'm on the right path. If you found error, or see something to be improved, please leave feedback in a comment so that I can work to better my reviews! Your help and honesty is also appreciated! :) While discounts are great, I am truly passionate about reviewing and fully aspire to be helpful to potential buyers. Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a great day! Stefania ( US ) on Wed 20th Jul, 2016

★★★★★ I Have A More Comfortable Night's Sleep With This I have a more comfortable night's sleep with this. I should've ordered a longer/wider pillow, though that is not the fault of the manufacturer. Raul ( US ) on Mon 18th Jul, 2016

★★★★ This Foam Memory Pillow Is More Comfortable Than The Symmetrical One I use this type of pillow since back surgery 25 years ago. Replacing my old pillows as they aged and deteriorated has always been problematic. The last we bought (about 2 months ago) was symmetrical - both sides were equally raised. This foam memory pillow is more comfortable than the symmetrical one. I prefer the single contour under my neck with my head able to lie flat on the other part of the pillow. Also, this pillow has the right amount of firmness so it doesn't compress excessively. The memory function readily brings the pillow back to its full size. Michael S. ( US ) on Sun 10th Jul, 2016

★★★★ Stiff This is so hard. It is just a stiff block of foam. Sarah TX ( US ) on Thu 7th Jul, 2016

★★★★★ Works Wonders On My Neck And Back I am obsessed with finding the perfect pillow, because sleep is so important to your health. There is nothing worse than waking up after a long night of sleeping in the wrong position. Sometimes, I wake up and I have put so much stress on my back that I have to call out of work the next day because I can barely move. I definitely have a bed full of pillows and currently have about six or seven pillows on my bed. I do use all of these pillows in rotation depending on how I feel. Sometimes I like a soft, down-alternative pillow, and sometimes I like a memory foam pillow.I purchased the Contour Memory Foam Pillow By Dc Labs: Best Neck Pain Relief and Orthopedic Pillow, Medium Firm because I do not have a pillow that contours my head and neck to alleviate the pressure that I put on my back while I am lying in bed. I have been using the Contour Memory Foam Pillow By Dc Labs: Best Neck Pain Relief and Orthopedic Pillow, Medium Firm for about a month and I honestly can’t live without it! I suggest this pillow for anyone that suffers from constant back and neck pain, or someone that has sleep issues period.Disclaimer: I did receive Contour Memory Foam Pillow By Dc Labs: Best Neck Pain Relief and Orthopedic Pillow, Medium Firm either at a discount or for free from the seller in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Roxxy88 ( US ) on Thu 7th Jul, 2016

★★★★ On The Short Side I am always looking for a good pillow. They each seem to have a different use. My husband has one for his head, one for my head, one for my knees when I lay on my side, one for laying on the floor etc. I was hoping to give this one to my husband since it is meant to help you sleep better. I opened it up and I was happy to find it did not have a strong chemical odor like some brands do.The pillow itself is firm but not hard. It holds it's shape and has a curve to it. My husband wasn't as excited about it, it's a lot shorter than a traditional pillow. It only takes up about half of a regular pillow case. So we gave it to one of our children and they love it. They call it their special curvy pillow and they sleep rather well on it. So over all it's a good pillow, just on the small side.*I RECEIVED THIS PRODUCT AT A DISCOUNTED PRICE (IN ORDER TO TRY IT AND REVIEW) THIS DOES NOT GUARANTEE A GOOD REVIEW OR CHANGE MY OPINION ON THE PRODUCT, I AM HONEST AND UNBIASED, ALL OPINIONS ON IT ARE MY OWN AND BASED ON THE PRODUCT ITSELF. I HAVE TRIED THIS AND EVALUATED IT ACCORDINGLY K. Bug ( US ) on Wed 6th Jul, 2016

★★★★★ My Husband Has Finally Found The PERFECT Pillow Combination And He Couldn't Be Happier My husband has finally found the PERFECT pillow combination and he couldn't be happier! He is able to sleep at night with the best support possible - and this Contour Memory Foam Pillow by Delta Comfort Labs is part of that combination! The other pillow that he uses this with is a standard sized bed pillow with a gel insert to keep it cool - but it's as hard as a rock to me! He uses this contour memory foam pillow on top of the gel pillow and for him it is a perfect combination. So good!I received my Contour Memory Foam Pillow by Delta Comfort Labs at a reduced cost or free in order to be able to provide an honest review. All opinions are mine. TeriA ( US ) on Mon 4th Jul, 2016

★★★★★ Well Worth The Money! very comfortable for a ruptured disk in my neck that flares up from time to time. I have 3 of these around the house and one a my son's home in Texas for when I visit. Gary T. Miller ( US ) on Sat 25th Jun, 2016

★★★★ Well-made Contoured Memory Foam Pillow. I am a side sleeper with left arm under my pillow and above my head. I have always hated sinking into thick conventional pillows that roll up on the side of your head which this does not do and provide good support. After spinal surgery this started causing numbness in my arm. These fabulous pillows put a stop to that nonsense. It is a very good decent pillow is comfy and supports your head. We have had memory foam pillows in the past but they never seemed to be the right thickness or hardness. These are great even when sleeping on your side. All in all, I think this is a well-made contoured memory foam pillow. if you are in the market for a product such as this, then do not hesitate to buy from this seller. I have given you my honest experience with this product, for which I received a discount from the seller. If there was something wrong with this product I would tell you. I hope my review has been helpful to you, if so press yes. Good health and happy shopping to you. hpyamzcstmr528 ( US ) on Wed 22nd Jun, 2016

★★★★ One Star Product looked used and had a really bad moldy smell. Amazon Customer ( US ) on Wed 22nd Jun, 2016

★★★★★ This Pillow Is Amazing. It Is So Incredibly Comfortable OBSESSED! This pillow is amazing. It is so incredibly comfortable. It is thinner than my past memory foam contour pillow which is nice as sometimes these feel too raised off of the bed. It feels like memory foam and has held up really well. It is sooo comfortable I have not had my usual neck pain since using this pillow.It is relatively light for memory foam which is also nice. It also does not have a foam like smell that many pillows do.I sleep on my back, sides, and stomach (I move around a lot) and find it comfortable in all positions of sleep. The contour shape is really so comfortable and I sleep the best on these. The case is also removable and nice breathable fabric but also very easy to take off of and wash!Only complaint is it is a bit smaller than my past memory foam pillows but does not bother me as that's in the description so if people complain of that well then you did not do your homework before buying, that's your own fault.Overall no real complaints and I always get a goodnights rest on this comfy, lightweight, supportive pillow. I recommend!I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. Stephanie Young ( US ) on Tue 21st Jun, 2016

★★★★ Four Stars Very comfy & supportive ALBERT M. JABOUR ( US ) on Sun 19th Jun, 2016

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