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★★★★★ And Perfect Strangers And Blue Light Included Why in rock and fireball are missed out, and perfect strangers and blue light included? Dr Yuri Novikov ( CA ) on Wed 29th Jun, 2016

★★★★ SHOP AROUND !! Great box set. Even better for 54.99 in HMV !!! russell salter ( UK ) on Sun 5th Jun, 2016

★★★★ [ Translate ] Gillan Eine kleine Anmerkung die Vinylscheiben Machine Head 40th Anniversary Edition und made in Japan Friday Music sind um Welten Besser die Vinyl Box ist sicher schön fürs Auge aber jedes Vinyl von Deep Purple in Audiophyle Qualität tönt besser kostet ja auch das doppelte 8908hedingen ( DE ) on Fri 29th Apr, 2016

★★★★★ Five Stars Amazing. I have some of the same discs on hires audio but these vinyls are far beyond! Bernardo Krause ( UK ) on Sun 27th Mar, 2016

★★★★★ Five Stars One very happy partner Fluffychick ( UK ) on Sun 20th Mar, 2016

★★★★ [ Translate ] Gute Collection Zum Annehmbaren Preis Eigentlich wären fünf Punkte zu vergeben, weil an der Musik nix zu meckern ist, wenn man auf Deep Purple steht.Auch die Qualität der LP lässt nichts zu wünschen übrig, aber in dieser Collection fehlen zwei Meilensteine derfrühen Deep Purple Phase und zwar In Rock und Fireball. Schade eigentlich, denn ansonsten eine sehr sehr gute Collection.Zum Glück kann man die fehlenden LP jetzt einzeln für ca. 18 Euro kaufen und hat somit die Schaffensphase der 70 und 80 Jahre komplett. Primo ( DE ) on Thu 25th Feb, 2016

★★★★★ Great Package I dithered about this for a long time before buying it, having seen the ridiculous prices that other box sets are now making. Have to say I'm glad it did, this is an excellent package. I was a bit unsure about the collection of vinyls included, being as there's no Fireball or In Rock, but what there is is plenty worthwhile. Which are:-Machine Head - great package, gatefold sleeve with lyric insert, nice Purple label 180g vinyl. Inner sleeve is just a paper bag.Who Do We Think We Are - gatefold sleeve, lyrics, Purple label 180g vinyl. Paper bag inner sleeve.Burn and Stormbringer - bog standard single sleeve with paper inner sleeves. I realise this is probably how they were made in the 70's but these are the worst thing about this set.Come taste the band - single sleeve with lyric inner sleeve on thick paper.Perfect Strangers and House of Blue Light - single sleeves with lyric inner sleeves on thick paper. These 2 are Polydor label 180g vinyls (all the others are on Purple).If like me you had all the before in the 70s/80s you know the music quality, personally nothing comes close to Machine Head and the Coverdale albums are a bit hit or miss, but as a package it's great, even the box is fantastic quality, unlike some of the flimsy stuff you sometimes get. As a package it's a bit of an odd combination but it's good value. Jamie Crampton ( UK ) on Sun 7th Feb, 2016

★★★★★ The Purple Outstanding Deep Putple vinyl box set some of my favourite albums ever in 1 package, Burn, Perfect Strangers and Machine Head plus Many Other fantastic Albums in this box set already have In Rock and Fireball seperately to this its fits perfectly together thankyou VH 5150 ( UK ) on Sat 6th Feb, 2016

★★★★ A Brilliant, But Not Quite Perfect Box Set... As Amazon haven't updated this product info. here are the details from my box set which arrived today. The albums included are:Machine Head (gatefold with lyrics poster, purple disc labels, paper inlay)Who Do We Think We Are (gatefold, purple disc labels, paper inlay)Burn (purple disc labels, paper inlay)Stormbringer (purple disc labels, paper inlay)Come Taste The Band (gatefold, lyrics sheet, purple disc labels, printed inlay)Perfect Strangers (red poyldor disc labels, printed inlay)The House of Blue Light (red poyldor disc labels, printed inlay)According the the blurb these albums are all remastered from the original tapes and include the first official remasters of "Perfect Strangers" and "The House Of The Blue Light". They are all 180g black vinyl released on Universal's Back To Black label, which I have a lot of respect for - previous box sets I've bought from them (Monty Python, Johnny Cash, Creedance etc.) have been top notch. Only occasionally, the vinyl in BTB boxes have shown signs of being hastily packaged, with a white horizontal paper line on the records which are hard to clean, however all of these discs are clean.As with the other BTB sets, this comes with an MP3 download card - what you actually get are .wav files downloads of all 7 albums. The "Perfect Strangers" MP3 album has a bonus track but for some reason none of the files for that album are titled, so I have no idea what it is.In terms of the selection, these albums cover 1972-1986, so there's no "Shades", "In Rock" or "Fireball" - the latter two seem to be having their own vinyl re-release in February 2016, but there's no corresponding box set for these which is a pity. I guess that's a label issue. Universal do own "Made In Japan" but they've obviously stuck to studio albums for this set.The box is sturdy, with the track listings for 7 albums on the back. The albums themselves are nicely reproduced with references to these being 2015 re-issues being kept suitably small - I don't have any original copies to hand to compare. The cover of "Come Taste The Band" in my set is damaged on the spine, that's a shame but it is minimal.I've listened to a few of them nice and loud this morning and have not noticed any audio issues. In terms of the albums themselves, the earlier recordings ("Machine Head", "Who Do We Think We Are", "Burn" and "Stormbringer") are the classics that really do it for me. Authentic, exciting, fast and dirty rock and blues. "Come Taste The Band" suffers with a lack of Blackmore but still has some well written songs.I'm less familiar with the later records, and although they feature some under-rated Purple songs (especially on "Perfect Strangers") I don't enjoy the 80's production. There's a shift from the underlying groove and funk to basic cock-rock "Top Gun" soundtrack stuff (exhibit A; The terrible 'Mad Dog'). This was actually my first listen to "The House of Blue Light", and I won't cry if it turns out to be my last - it's basically rubbish. The playing of course, is top notch but, Blackmore is underused, Paice's drums are given a pop treatment and reverb-ed to hell, Lord is all about the synth and there's a lot less rock Hammond. Gillan is wailing all over the place with none of the passion of his work on "Machine Head" fifteen years earlier. Despite that album's (deserved) status as Purple's peak, I still prefer Coverdale as a vocalist.Ok, subjective opinions I know, but if this set had "In Rock" and "Fireball" instead of "Perfect Strangers" and "House of Blue Light" it would be a 5* box set. Given that each album is re-released separately for £20 (at the time of writing this), this box set is a comparative bargain for those looking to collect for the first time or replace worn copies. Ewan Jones ( UK ) on Sat 30th Jan, 2016

★★★★★ [ Translate ] Fidèle Aux Originaux ! Etant friand de rééditions, celle-ci est très fidèle aux tirages originaux. Les pochettes sont impeccables ainsi que les protections disque et les inserts présents à l'époque sont aux rendez-vous... Colisage moyen mais ouf, le coffret est en bon état ! Greg ( FR ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★★ [ Translate ] Plus Que Satisfait. Je me suis offert ce coffret réédition de mon groupe favori,excellente surprise,pochettes à l'identique des originaux, son impeccable, vraiment très satisfait, pour les fans il ne faut pas hésiter, et le prix est très correct pour 7 albums qui sont tous excellents. Pilar ( FR ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★★ [ Translate ] Montreux' Et Le Feu Au Lac ! ! ! ! ! Rien à dire sur ce groupe d' anthologie sinon:" ENCORE, ENCORE, ET, ENCORE ça vaut bien cinq étoiles. tout est bon, rien à jeter. Pour toutes les oreilles sensibles. jean-marie viscaino ( FR ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

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