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★★★★★ Its Ok But Theres Better Out There I'm Sure. I'd completely forgotten that you can buy tv's of this size. So used am I to see them the size of houses that I still haven't adjusted to a 22 inch display. I'm not sure I can go back.Set up is easy and even though it comes with a manual, you don't really need it. Plug you start or hdmi or aerial sources in, plunge into set up mode and let the auto tune of the TV do its thing. Really very simple and worked well.What was a pleasant surprise was the quality of display, which is actually much better than I expected for the price. Don't expect near 3d quality nor Samsung curve like viewing, but in more than a pinch, this little tv does a great job.It's not all good though...try as I might getting a decent sound from the in-built speakers is impossible. No matter which setting you choose and adding in full base, you'll still listen to a sound this thin and brittle. Each of the sound settings does change the sound but only in so far as it either scoops the mids,mufflers the sound or returns to normal which is still unsatisfying. Perhaps hooking it up to a sound system will change that, but this TV, I'd suggest, isn't going to be the main tv in the house.Suggested uses....perhaps for a student moving to halls and hooking up the laptop or maybe on your cruiser when moored up at night. In the end I think the sound will eventually drive you crazy. We're now used to great sounds out of the box with little help from external enhancers. This product needs those big time. Paul Hodgson ( UK ) on Sun 26th Jun, 2016

★★★★★ An Excellent Bedroom/kitchen/caravan Tv Plug in, switch on and follow the on-screen instructions. The channels are then stored automatically, though if you would prefer them in a different order then you can move them around to suit yourself.Picture quality is, in my opinion, great – as good as the large tv in the living room.The dvd player is on the side of the tv – you simply place the dvd into the slot and apply a little pressure until the mechanism picks it up. After a few moments it should start playing automatically.This is a wonderful small-ish tv – perfect for a bedroom or kitchen, or even a caravan..Operating it is simple (it has to be because I’m anything but tech-savvy), the picture is clear and the sound is good – overall an excellent tv. Su ( UK ) on Tue 21st Jun, 2016

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Eternity 32-Inch HD Ready 720p LED TV Sound System by JBL Built-in Freeview HD Tuner

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