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★★★★ Sharp Picture quirky software, unit is solid, well made, very sharp picture RiverLink ( CA ) on Wed 18th May, 2016

★★★★★ Five Stars Installed with T-Link power injector and 100 feet of cable without issue Schmii ( CA ) on Fri 29th Apr, 2016

★★★★★ Picture Is Great During The Day And Ok At Night First POE camera. Picture is great during the day and ok at night. I wish the the frame rate was higher at night. It looks like reolink is actively developing the product with frequent firmware releases. Currently working with BlueIris but I originally had it recording directly to a WD NAS using motion detection. Anthony M ( CA ) on Sat 26th Mar, 2016

★★★★★ Love This Camera edit** - I just want to add this was $108 when I bought it, looks like the price jumped $100This camera is amazing. Very wide angle, super clear, excellent night vision. So much so I thought it froze during sundown because I looked outside and it was black out yet on the screen it looked like it was still daylight.I added a day and night shot which I resized to 40% the original. Originally a 10meg file ea. I don't know if Amazon resized it again when I uploaded. Just for comparison I added a non-resized shot from my old camera which could only see part of the driveway.When I first plugged it in, it wouldn't grab an IP on my network, but I just hit the reset button and it worked fine. It's been online for some time now, running stable no issues.Physically it's a solid little camera, easy to position and lock in place. I didn't see it mentioned anywhere, but it does have a little microphone on it.I would definitely recommend this, I think I'm going to buy another one. Rog ( CA ) on Fri 18th Mar, 2016

★★★★★ Five Stars Très satisfait, bonne qualitée , facile à configurer , bon site pas en chinois pour firmware francois lavallee ( CA ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★★ Solid Unit With A Company Team To Back It Up. First time I ordered this camera it arrived DOA. Amazon took care if the return fast. Since the camera was packed very well, had a good solid feel in one's hand and the reviews was good. So I ordered another. It arrived fast and I was not disappointed. It works well. Solid unit. Great video quality and just a good feel of a piece of equipment in one's hand. No regret to give it another chance.A few days after I was contacted by the "Reolink team' inquiring about the defective product and if they can help to make things better. That was a new experience for me. Usually I have to chase the manufacturer about the defective experience. I didn't have time to get upset. Everyone took care of the sale resulting in a satisfied customer. I will be buying this product again and I DO recommend it. Louie Bakos ( CA ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

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IP Security Camera Reolink 4MP 1440P POE Security IP Camera Outdoor Fixed Bullet Night Vision 65-100

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