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★★★★★ Five Stars Excellent book husband had two stints and a pacemaker very informative Susie B ( US ) on Wed 16th Dec, 2015

★★★★ What A Miracle It Is To Have A Heart The writer's point of view is that there is a marvelous, miraculous system and process in how our heart works and serves all the parts of our bodies. More detail than most people are interested in -- but excellent for my purposes of writing a book on the heart for children. Quotes from cardiologist doctors, add touches of wonder to this most amazing organ. Susan Curry ( CA ) on Mon 16th Nov, 2015

★★★★ Health I found this book to be informative and readily understandable. I believe it is a good reference book most of us should have. lldygrdn ( US ) on Wed 15th Aug, 2007

★★★★★ AWESOME!!! This book shows the body in such detail that you don't have to be a doctor and already know what you're looking at to know what you're looking at. The drawings are beautiful and really help give life to the words. It doesn't start and stop with "this is the heart," but starts with conception, how the heart develops, what else is affected by the heart (and the rest of the cardiovascular system), high blood pressure, stroke...I gave a copy to everyone in my family and to my GP so that he can recommend it to others.A must for everyone! Amazon Customer ( US ) on Thu 15th Mar, 2007

★★★★★ A Must Read For Every Male Over 40! This is an excellent visual experience that drives home the need for starting, and continuing, healthy heart practices. This is such a tremendous eye-opening experience that I gave a copy to the people who run the Heart Re-hab sessions at the local hospital - where I went for two months. I also gave one to my brother, who had a quadruple bypass about five years ago, because he was not taking as good care of himself as is loved ones wanted him to. Len E. Doimo ( US ) on Fri 10th Mar, 2006

★★★★★ Nice Pictures Call this book Healthy Heart 101. The pictures are spectacular. The prose is basic, which isn't all bad. I consider this a decent reference book. Read 'Em and Reap ( US ) on Thu 2nd Mar, 2006

★★★★★ You Ain't Seen Nothing Like This! this book is truely awe-inspiring! one gets hypnotized looking at the pictures, thinking, "i've got all that going on inside me--right now!" the visuals are so fantanstic and yet so truly real that they urge you to seriously reconsider your relationship with yourself. this book is a statement on the miracle that you are. it gives you a very deep sense of respect for your own heart and your own life. anyone who has a heart will fall in love with this one! Oguz Erdur ( US ) on Wed 30th Nov, 2005

★★★★★ Amazing Visuals! I took two Human Anatomy courses in college, and nothing I studied came close to the stunning visual detail of the cardiovascular system as presented in this book. And if you don't know the difference between an artery and a capillary, the Invision Guide provides an easy to follow crash course. I found the second half of the book to be especially informative -- the visuals explicitly show the benefits of a healthy lifestyle on your cardiovascular system vs. the damage done by unhealthy habits. My uncle recently had bypass surgery, and I wish this book was available years ago so he would have taken preventative measures. GoldenBear1998 ( US ) on Wed 30th Nov, 2005

★★★★★ Another Great Book! This is the third book of Alexander Tsiaras' that I have purchased. As with his other two books, the fascinating images tell the truly amazing story of the human animal.Thanks to Mr. Tsiaras, I will think twice about eating those salty, fatty foods I love - dammit! Rodney McManus ( US ) on Tue 29th Nov, 2005

★★★★★ A Guide For All Ages A Healthy Heart presents a view of heart functions that is easily understood by the general public. The vivid graphics are the key in making the story of the heart so fascinating. This is a great reference book that reads like a novel. Richard L. Doughherty ( US ) on Tue 29th Nov, 2005

★★★★ Scary Scary Stuff :-() This book is scary yet amazing yet strangely uninformative. The pictures/photos are unique and graphic and shows you what can happen when you choose an unhealthy lifestyle. It is a wake up call. However, the book fails to truely impress due to lack of information to go along with these fantastic images. Not for the faint of heart. Little Miss Cutey ( US ) on Sat 26th Nov, 2005

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