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★★★★ Decent Headphones I really enjoy how easy these headphones are to use. Syncing with my iphone was a breeze. However, I do not like the low battery life. I would say the battery last around 4-6 hours before a charge is needed. I use this at work and just charge the headphones when I am not using it. Tony Thomas ( US ) on Fri 8th Jul, 2016

★★★★★ Great Headphones I received these headphones at a discount in return for an honest review. These headphones are just as pictured. They were packaged very well. The packaging came with extra ear speaker covers for different size ears. They fit nicely in the ears. They are slightly slanted to give better comfort while wearing. They charge very quick. I got about four and a half to five hours play time on the first charge just playing music. These would be great for just laying around listening to music or even using them while exercising. Quality of sound is very good and they are easy to connect. Controls are very close together. Make sure not to turn them off when adjusting volume. Paco 1985 ( US ) on Fri 8th Jul, 2016

★★★★★ Works Like A Charm This is a great pair of headphones. They pair with ease to my phone and the sound quality is very good. The only downfall I have found on this set is the distance from my phone that they work is very short, like 5 to 6 feet. they are very easy to operate and for the price they are a great set.They came with a charging cord, and extra ear insert pieces, for the inner and outer ear. They sound good to me and I use different sets of earbuds all the time. I recommend this set to anyone wanting a great headset. I received this product at a discount for my honest review Clyde Allen Gullett ( US ) on Thu 7th Jul, 2016

★★★★★ Overall I Would Say You Can Find Better Bluetooth Headphones For The Price. The Intcrown S520 Wireless Bluetooth Headset arrived quickly using Amazon Prime shipping. The headset came in a nice branded box with the headphones micro USB charging cable, replacement earbuds, and a user manual. They are attractive looking, but I just could not get the fit to be comfortable for me. The sound is decent with good bass, so they should be fine for non audiophile use. Phone calls where a bit spotty and you have to be close to your phone, like in your hand or pocket, or else the other person would have trouble hearing. The charge on these is also only about four hours so you are constantly charging them. Overall I would say you can find better bluetooth headphones for the price.*I was provided this product at a free or discounted price, in exchange for my honest and unbiased written review of my personal experiences with the item. The opinions and review arise from my own product testing and have not been influenced by, or altered/edited in any way by the vendor. If you found my review helpful please click like and check out my profile for other reviews. Thank You! Myles R Lindeburg ( US ) on Thu 7th Jul, 2016

★★★★★ Great Value! If you want portability and amazing sound at a great price then i would recommend these Bluetooth earphones. The quality and construction is good along with a nice design.Sound is very good and punchy for this price range. I've had other Bluetooth earphones with similar quality sound, but I paid upwards of 50 USD for those.Being sweat-proof, these earphones are perfect for exercise as well as general use. They are light and fit perfectly in my ears.The cable is slightly long for me but its made for the general consumer and should work for anyone out there.I received these earphones at a slight discount in exchange for my honest review. Jim ( US ) on Thu 7th Jul, 2016

★★★★★ Thanks Works great! I would recommend this to all my friends! I got these at a discount! Karalea G. ( US ) on Thu 7th Jul, 2016

★★★★★ Really Sound Good I love this headphones. They fit easy in my ear and they sound great. I had no trouble connecting through bluetooth and the accoustics sound great and have never lost connection. They are lightweight and the easy controls for volume and bluetooth availability make it easy to continue working out or completing a task with the headphones still in. The headphones have a little bit of a short battery but easy to charge, and they charge quick. Trevor ( US ) on Thu 7th Jul, 2016

★★★★ Great Design And So Lightweight. Great design and so lightweight.The headphones were delivered on time and well packaged. Nice little box. Included is Intcrown S520 wireless Bluetooth headphones, user manual, USB charging cable, and two sets of earbud replacements. The Intcrown logo is printed on both earpieces. They come with CSR Bluetooth V4.0 +EDL and DSP noise cancellation technology.The look and size of these are really cool. The color indicated is green but they actually look at little more on the yellow side then green.This is my third set of Bluetooth headphones and this is the first set for me that didn't have the hard plastic part in the front where the controls are located. All of the function buttons are located right by the earbuds. They are very small and a little tricky to get used to but after a couple times of using them it seems like I know exactly where all the specific buttons are located.These are very light weight. You hardly notice you have them on. Where the earbuds go into your ear they actually go in at an angle which help them to stay in your ear.It is very hard to get the USB cable that comes with this set into the charging port. I just use a different set I already have and they fit much better.So far the sound and reception seems pretty good and you can be at least 30 or more feet from it without losing reception. Sound gets pretty loud too.I plan to edit this review after about six months or so of normal use and see how the reception and battery holds up after some time has gone by.The headphones display a red light while charging and a blue light when fully charged. Pairing is fairly simple. Push the power button and a red/ blue alternating light will flash and it says "power on". Turn on your Bluetooth on your device and select S520. It will now say "Bluetooth connected" and flash blue to show it is on. Hold the power button down to power off. The power button is also the play/ pause button with a short tap. The volume buttons are also to skip and rewind songs with either a tap or longer hold.So far a nice set of Bluetooth headphones.I received this product at a discounted price to write a truthful and honest review. I complete these reviews to give other buyers an unbiased opinion to help them make the decision whether or not to purchase the product for sale. loucrew ( US ) on Thu 7th Jul, 2016

★★★★★ "Sounds" Like A Good Value To Me! This is a review for the Intcrown S520 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. I must say that my main interest in purchasing a set of Bluetooth earphones was for use when I am on my riding lawn mower. With a fairly large size yard it takes a few hours to complete the task. I would like to listen to Pandora and an occasional Podcast (on woodworking) while the grass gets lowered. Yes, you can purchase Bluetooth equipped safety headphones but I really didn't want to spend the high price that accompanies them. Since I already had a nice pair of noise reduction ear muffs, the Intcrown Wireless Bluetooth Headphones seemed like they would make a suitable combination for my purpose. I must say I am no expert on Bluetooth earphones but I do know when music sounds good to me, so this is my review. First you need to read the manual (at least the front of it) - not necessarily for the information but you'll get a kick out of it. The earphones comes in a nice little box with charging cable and extra sizes of ear pieces for your comfort. The earphones seemed to pair with my smartphone very easily. Naturally I couldn't wait to charge the earphones, so I put them in and turned on Pandora. The first thing I noticed was how well I could hear the "stereo" sound coming from the music. Things were looking good at this point, but how well would they hold up to the roaring sound of the commercial mower? I was worried the I might have to turn the volume up a lot higher to hear clearly (which would not be good for my ears). Well I placed them inside my headphones and cranked up the mower and was surprised to find very little adjustment was needed to listen to some of my favorite music. I almost hate having to say this because you may think this review was biased, but I did receive a discount when I purchased these phones under condition I would give a fair and honest review. Well a fair and honest review is what I have given, so if you need a very decent sound from a pair of Bluetooth earphones and would like a very good price at the same time, then these earphones would be a very good option. Ol Duffer ( US ) on Wed 6th Jul, 2016

★★★★★ Great Set Of Headphones. This is a great set of bluetooth headphones for the price. I tried them out with different kinds of music and overall while the sound quality isn't the best I have ever hear, it's pretty good. I love that these come with different size pieces for the ears. The ear pieces help keep the buds in place in my ears with out them falling out. Which is perfect, because there is nothing worse than fighting with your headphones while running. I love that there is not wires going everywhere either. No untangling annoying wires anymore with this headphones! Overall, these are great, I highly recommend these headphones.I recieved this product at a discounted price for my honest review. These thoughts are 100 percent my own. Cheri Crooks ( US ) on Wed 6th Jul, 2016

★★★★ [ Translate ] Für Den Preis In Ordnung Die Tonqualität ist in Ordnung, laut meinen Gesprächspartnern nicht hervorragend, aber dennoch nicht schlecht.Mir fallen die Kopfhörer leider relativ schnell aus dem Ohr und ich muss aufpassen mich nicht zu viel zu bewegen. Uwe ( DE ) on Fri 3rd Jun, 2016

★★★★ [ Translate ] Ganz Gut Aber Nicht "perfekt" Ich habe das Produkt im Rahmen eines Produkttests kostenlos erhalten, wodurch meine Wertung aber jedoch selbstverständlich nicht beeinflusst wird.Lieferung und erster Eindruck:Die Kopfhörer wurden schnell und sicher verpackt geliefert. Die Verpackung war nicht übermäßig dimensioniert und trotzdem war das Produkt sicher verpackt. Den Kopfhörern liegt ein sehr kurzes (15cm) USB-Kabel zum Aufladen bei. Weiteres Zubehör ist nicht vorhanden. Eine Anleitung wäre hier, für Leute die ein solches Bluetooth-Headset bisher nie genutzt haben sinnvoll.Da ich bereits mehrere Bluetooth-Headsets/Kopfhörer für mein iPhone genutzt (und verschlissen) habe, konnte ich die Bedienung erahnen. Ein längerer Druck auf den Button des rechten Hörers lässt ein "Power On" ertönen. Wiederholt man das ganze werden die Kopfhörer wieder ausgeschaltet. Das Gerät meldet sich beim iPhone dann als "S520", wird sofort erkannt und man kann es nutzen. Der Klang ist sicherlich nicht überragend und keineswegs mit Kopfhörern für mehrere hundert Euro zu vergleichen, steht den beim iPhone 6S beiliegenden Kopfhörern in meinen Augen (Ohren) jedoch in nichts nach.Einen Punkt Abzug vergebe ich insgesamt für die fehlende Anleitung, das sehr kurze Ladekabel und für den nicht nicht dauerhaft angenehmen Tragekomfort, wobei man dabei berücksichtigen muss, dass dies je nach Ohren des Nutzers unterschiedlich ausfallen kann.Ich würde das Produkt, mit kleinen Abstrichen, weiterempfehlen. Es gibt deutlich schlechtere und teurere Kopfhörer auf dem Markt. Flashzinken ( DE ) on Mon 23rd May, 2016

★★★★ [ Translate ] Lächerlich Der Sound ist absolut peinlich...Habe das für 18€ bekommen, statt für 113€ 😂 Ne, Finger weg, sie klingen wie 4€Am liebsten kein Stern... Svenni ( DE ) on Fri 13th May, 2016

★★★★★ Cheap, But Does The Job. They work well for the money. Sound is ok, not Bose quality but you get what you pay for. Volume control difficult to operate. Steve ( UK ) on Sun 10th Apr, 2016

★★★★ Four Stars the best bluetooth headphones ive ever owned ;-) Dave G ( UK ) on Tue 29th Mar, 2016

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