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★★★★★ That Being Said I Did Buy It And I Love It. The Baby Is Probably My Favourite Piece This set is a little overpriced, I think £19.99 - £24.99 would have been fair. That being said I did buy it and I love it.The baby is probably my favourite piece, though I do love the old couple and the guy in the wheelchair. Loads of people for your growing city Jacqueline ( UK ) on Tue 5th Jul, 2016

★★★★★ Five Stars Another great set from Lego, quick delivery from Amazon as usual Amazon Customer ( UK ) on Sat 2nd Jul, 2016

★★★★ [ Translate ] Gelungenes Minifiguren-Erweiterungsset Zum Produkt :Dieses Erweiterungsset umfasst 14 Minifiguren, ein Baby und Zubehör im Umfang von 2 Bäumen, Blume, Fußball, Fußballtor, Parkbank, Rasenmäher, Hot-Dog-Stand, Picknicktisch mit Bänken, einen Hund, Kinderkarussell, Rollstuhl, Zaun, Kinderwagen und ein Bushaltestellen-Schild.Die Figuren sind allesamt schön und unterschiedlich gestaltet, ein Blickfang ist natürlich der Rollstuhlfahrer. Das Baby finde ich nur bedingt schön, da die Beine sehr breit sind, was aber sein muss, weil man das Baby sonst nicht auf einem Noppen befestigen könnte. Das Zubehör stellt im Ganzen einen einfach gebauten, aber hübschen Park da. Was ich unnötig finde, ist dass es 3 Bauanleitungen und 3 (nummerierte) Tütchen gibt. Das mit den Tütchen ergibt ja irgendwo noch Sinn, aber die Bauanleitungen? Da reicht meiner Meinung nach eine.Zum Preis :Als ich den Preis zum ersten Mal gesehen habe, hielt ich 40 Euro für zu viel. Wenn man aber bedenkt, das ein Minifiguren-Überraschungstütchen 3 Euro kostet (42 Euro für die Minifiguren, noch ohne Zubehör), hält sich der Preis natürlich noch in Grenzen.Fazit :Schönes (wenn auch einfach gebautes) Set mit passablem Preis. silvia kleinfelder ( DE ) on Tue 28th Jun, 2016

★★★★★ A LEGO BABY!!!! A LEGO BABY!!!!! I was psyched to get this set with the baby in his stroller and even a baby bottle (as big as he/she is). The wheelchair is a nice feature and although I already have a hot-dog stand, the bun is new, and some of the minifig faces are new for me. I believe three of them have a difference facial expression on each side, so you can change them around. I own the Fairground Mixer set, so these minifigs and accessories will work great to fill that up, as well as any of the City sets. A tad expensive, as another reviewer has pointed out, but worth it for me to get the baby. I will be watching for opportunities to get a few more babies if other sets offer them. Carolyn Steele Agosta ( US ) on Sat 25th Jun, 2016

★★★★★ Mini Figure Fun Quite expensive for what it is, but nevertheless a great kit full of mini-figures including the newly launched Lego baby, Lego wheelchair, and a sweet old couple. Great to expand characters for play with existing kits. Grizabella ( UK ) on Tue 21st Jun, 2016

★★★★★ Terrific Set - Especially At $35 Normal Retail Price ("big Box" Stores) Terrific set with a lot of play value and fun new pieces.Definitely comparison shop... $35 at Tarhet and Toys R Us. avid reader! ( US ) on Sun 19th Jun, 2016

★★★★★ This Set Is A Seismic Shift In Play The significant feature of this pack is that it includes a wide range of people of varying ages and abilities. It deliberately sidesteps stereotypical gender roles. Possibly most significantly it includes a cool young dude in a wheelchair. All this could sound politically correct - but this means that children from less traditional backgrounds can reflect this in their play, it also means that children who depend on wheelchairs can include this in their play.This is probably the first time a disabled person has figured in a children's playset - outside of a hospital - seismic.And I love the guy with grey hair, glasses and the check jumper - I WANT THAT JUMPER FOR REAL! OL ( UK ) on Fri 10th Jun, 2016

★★★★★ Lots Of Fun In The Park! I'm so excited to add all of these figures to my Lego city/town/world! I love seeing the mini figure in the wheelchair because Lego is constantly evolving and changing to add more of the "human world" into it. That inclusion is really great and something that Lego has gotten better and better at each year [remember that Lego has been around for many years (like 50+)]AND the very first baby! Such a fun addition! As you can tell it comes with a handy stroller (made of about 6 different pieces)This set ALSO includes 4 kiddos which is great because it's a park. So you've got the hot dog vendor/chef, people biking/exercising, an elderly couple/grandparents bringing their grandkids?, and obviously some parents too.The bus-stop sign, bench, goalpost, merry-go-round, and picnic table make this an even better set! I really only have great things to say about this new set. :) Brett T ( US ) on Wed 1st Jun, 2016

★★★★ Lots Of Figures, A Baby, Wheelchair, Hotdog Bun We saw pictures from this set quite a while ago, and its finally on the shelves and on line. So whats included that might make this set a consideration….? the BABY! the WHEELCHAIR! the HotDog BUN! Currently these are still new pieces and even though the bun is starting to show up in other places, the Baby and Wheelchair are introduced in this set.The baby is darling. It is two pieces. The head and body. The body doesn’t articulate at all, but is molded with two colors of plastic. The hands are filled in and can’t grip anything. The head is reduced in size from a standard minifigure and the stud on top is also smaller. So the mini-stud is ornamental. I checked and the mini stud on the head is too small for a regular figs hand to grip, but the baby’s hand fits snuggly into a minifigs hand. Its really cute.The Wheel Chair is a great addition to your minifigure fleet. Although the figure that is designated for the chair looks a little too stereotypical for me to not raise an eyebrow, but the idea of providing some inclusion for the disabled is a long time coming. You could trade out the current occupant for the “Clumsy” guy from the recent Collector Series…or at least his pants with the cast on its leg. The chair is a single piece with 2 big wheels (Clear and rubber), and 1 set of trolley wheels.The HotDog Bun is maybe only a big revelation to some but I think its pretty significant. With the hotdog being in a lot of sets in the past, its nakedness left the illusion a little flat. Having a bun to clip the dog into is quite lovely.So what else do you get? Lots of minifigs. A total of 14 normal figs (small and regular legs) and 1 baby. Beyond that you get a few mini sets essentially that compose some park equipment and such. The more clever builds are probably just the hotdog cart and the lawnmower. The rest is a bit bland and I don’t imagine will stay in tact for too long for a lot of people (ie: The fence on 2×4 green plate).What don’t you get: The picture on the box is as usual…environmentally rich, despite there being no big plate to pin this all down to. This is just a figure and various doo-dads set. Its meant to supplement your other City sets as apposed to really being a standalone product.Lets break the price down: Amongst the first thing you are likely to notice is the fact that this set is a massive wallet punch of $40 for a set of only 157 pieces:There are about 95 non-minifig parts and 14.5 Minifigures.Normal lego pricing is roughly 10 cents a part. Since there is a total part count of 157, you would initially expect the set to be about 16$. Not so of course.If you use the 10 cent rule for the 95 non fig parts, that adds up to $9.5 leaving $30.5 for the figures.If the figures equate to $30.5 of the total cost, and there are 14.5 figures, then each figure is roughly 2$.In summary $2 a fig is about normal…of course these are really generic figs and nothing like the Collectible series that runs $4 a fig. You would generally be hard pressed to find any figure for under 2$ second hand or retail.So, should you get it? Do you want lots of low dollar generic figures to pad your collection? Do you really just want a baby, wheelchair, and hotdog bun (I did). Are you devious enough to buy such a set and dole it out 1 figure at a time so your kid can have 15 days of new figures? (this thing would be well suited as a advent calendar set). Its a neat set for the new parts, but they are likely to come in other sets over time, so this is probably not your only chance to get them.Full post at thefarquar Farquar ( US ) on Tue 31st May, 2016

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