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★★★★★ Lichdom: Battlemage Is A Good Game With Some Unique Concepts, But Its Plagued By Very Poor Optimization And Not Worth Full Price Lichdom: Battlemage is a first-person action game, where the player uses a big variety of magic spells in order to fight enemies. The graphics in the game are quite beautiful and the locations have a lot of detail. Unfortunately for the game, it is absolutely plagued by optimization problems and doesn't run well at all on either console.The game is based around first-person magic-based combat and there is a big variety of spells to choose attacks from. Those spells not only have different elements, but also offer different types of attacks such as direct hit attacks and area-of-effect damage. No matter how you choose to play the game, there is lots of fun ways to kill enemies and the combat feels like it actually has a lot of impact. A large variety of spells as well as types of attacks offer a lot of customization to the play style. The crafting/upgrading system for these spells however tends to be very clunky and a pain to deal with. The game never properly explains the crafting system, and it takes a while to get used to it. The crafting feels unnecessarily complicated and somewhat detracts from the overall fun action experience when you have to use it.The game features beautiful graphics and the environment models are very detailed. It is a big shame that the game hasn't been optimized properly at all; it is very laggy and the combat never feels fast and responsive as a result of that. The game can't maintain a stable framerate and hasn't even been locked down to 30fps to make the experience somewhat smoother. Instead, the game runs very badly and the framerate usually hovers around 20-30 fps which makes it quite slow. As a result of that, the combat and overall experience don't feel polished and really detract from the player experience because the game doesn't run smoothly. These issues are enough to bring the overall experience down by a few starts, otherwise the game could have been great and very interesting to play, as it offers the gameplay never usually seen before in similar type games.Lichdom: Battlemage has a very good idea behind it, and offers a unique style of gameplay never usually seen in these kinds of games. Unfortunately, in the current state, the game is completely not worth its asking price, and it is better to wait for a price drop of at least 50%. The poor optimization really detracts from the experience and the game doesn't run smooth at all, with poor framerate, lots of pop-in and very slow unresponsive combat. If the game has been optimized to run properly, then it could have been worth it, as it offers lots of content and customization in combat. At the moment, I would very much recommend to hold off if you're interested in this game and get it at a much lower price. Vlad ( CA ) on Wed 20th Apr, 2016

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Lichdom Batlemage - Xbox One

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