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★★★★★ Crayola This is a cute platyset to draw. Great to take to grandmas house or on a trio or just ridding in a car. This is portable. So vcan be taken from room to room. Easy to draw on. Shake and errase. michael alexander ( US ) on Sat 9th Jul, 2016

★★★★★ Entertaining For Baby My baby has definitely liked this more than other baby toys. For some reason my little one is more interested in things that don't seem like toys than her toys. She has taken to this.I don't have her play with real sand because I am worried she will eat it, so this is a good way to let them play with sand without it getting anywhere. Now it's not for an older child to actually draw anything that will stay for more than a second; tilt it one way slightly and the image disappears. I think it's probable better for the younger on the age range. It can be a little difficult to actually draw words or something. But my daughter just likes to play with it and get it messed up. I am happy with the quality. The colors add a fun element. I would recommend it. B. McCarthy ( US ) on Sat 9th Jul, 2016

★★★★ Fun For Little Ones Fun for little ones, but would be pretty boring for anyone over the age of 4 or 5 as it is pretty limited in scope.It is more of a light show than a drawing tool and basically scribbling is all you can do.24 months is a good target age for it, but I think some 18 months olds might be able to play with it.It is sturdy and well made, so you don't have to worry about sand all over your livingroom. Young@Heart ( US ) on Sun 26th Jun, 2016

★★★★★ Not The Greatest Not the greatest. This keeps a toddler busy for less than five minutes. The cover makes it look like everything lights up and changes color, but the little colored bulbs are so week that they barely cast light, let alone color. There is maybe (MAYBE!) a cup of sand under the glass, really not worth the money. Just saying: There are better things out there to foster your toddler's creativity. Crayola even makes some of those. egghead23 ( US ) on Wed 15th Jun, 2016

★★★★ This Has Been A Great Item For My Son To Use In The Car ... This has been a great item for my son to use in the car when we go on trips. It keeps him occupied for longer than 5 minutes which I am happy with and it does not make a mess. Overall, very happy with it. A Bookworm's Haven ( US ) on Thu 9th Jun, 2016

★★★★ Nice Beginner Etch A Sketch Type Device This is a fun easy to create design sand pad for little ones. I think of it as an easier to use Etch a sketch pad for little ones. I think this says for ages 24 months and up, but I really see it for preschoolers and maybe kindergarten aged kids. This is easy to take a long with you and is durable for little one. VS Grenier Amazon Custome ( US ) on Sat 28th May, 2016

★★★★★ Doesn't Really Function Like Shown In The Photo See the photo on the product packaging? A child is drawing a bold and distinguishable line through the sand with a magnetic "brush." Thing is, this toy doesn't function exactly like that. The lines you draw in this are not bold and distinguishable. And if you move across the sand more than a few times the whole thing becomes a muddled mess. In other words, the only drawings possible with this are going to be very very simplistic. Maybe that's okay for a toddler which this toy is geared toward. Nonetheless, there just is a lot there in this toy.The lights seem like a throwaway add-on, almost as if they realized they needed something to add pizazz to this toy. The lights add nothing to the creativity that I can see. It's a cool factor, one that won't last long with a child because there's nothing for them to engage with and create. The lights do have a practical function, however - in the car at night. That's where this toy is headed. We'll use this for road trips to distract our toddler for a bit once the sun has set. During daylight hours she's going to prefer the magnetic doodle/drawing boards that are made by a number of companies.Overall it's fine, but I was expecting more from this toy. If you're looking for something for your toddler to play with in the car at night this seems like an okay choice, otherwise not so much. Traveler ( US ) on Thu 26th May, 2016

★★★★★ Very Colorful I got this for my 2yr. old grandson to play with when he comes to my house. He couldn't wait to open it. He sat on the floor and made drawings (scribbles) and kept shaking it to erase it. He really liked the fact that the background lights up. This toy reminded me of a toy that I had as a child, but upgraded. Even my 6yr. old grandson liked playing with this. The only problem is that he got bored with it after about 10 minutes, but my 2 yr. old grandson really enjoyed it. D. H. ( US ) on Sun 22nd May, 2016

★★★★★ Magnetic Sand Drawing Toy Has Limitations This little sand drawing toy has a good concept, but the design could be improved. It is hard to get the sand to spread across the surface and fill the area before drawing on it. The stylus is somewhat wide so there really isn't much area to draw on considering the width of the magnet. The colored lights are nice (but the batteries for that aren't included so you need to supply your own). Kids may get bored quickly with this once they get used to the novelty of using the stylus to move the magnet under the plastic. Jed Shlackman ( US ) on Fri 20th May, 2016

★★★★★ This Is Best For A Toddler The addition of the lights makes this clever and cute and something a kid can play with at night. This is best for a toddler, my 6yo likes it very much but she can't make very clear pictures with it. It's ideal for tiny ones who need something to keep their hands and eyes busy. Very clever, it will not give a child the satisfaction of hands on sand, but it will entertain a young child and the ability to change color of the lights is fun. Brandy Fortune ( US ) on Fri 20th May, 2016

★★★★★ Hard To Use, Scuffs Up In The First Couple Of Hours, And The Lights Don't Really Interact With The Sand Very Well This toy is kind of fun when you first get it, but doesn't really live up to the promise. For starters, it's pretty small, suitable for sitting in a child's lap while in a car seat. Second, it takes a great deal of dexterity and understanding to use the magnetic top to move the piece inside which swirls the sand around. I'm 37 years old, and I found it challenging, see you can imagine what my 2 1/2-year-old thought. He played with it, but periodically handed it to me and wanted me to fix it.Next, the lights framing the sides are pretty cool, but it doesn't really interact with the sand in any real way. The sand doesn't glow compellingly or even really appear colored. It's just lights along the inside of a plastic frame with some white sand inside.The last flaw also should have been obvious to the creators. The sand itself scratches the plastic screen, and after only owning the toy for an hour, it was already pretty thoroughly scuffed up and on its way to becoming cloudy.It is kind of Zen that everything you draw can be accidentally or purposefully wiped away with a quick shake of the unit.It feels like this toy was conceived of by a committee, but then never really underwent any kind of vigorous product reviewer testing before releasing it to the market. They definitely could've done some cool things with the concept, but unfortunately this toy just really doesn't live up to the promise. Between how hard it is to get it to work, and how quickly it's ruined with normal use, this is the sort of thing I could see desperately purchasing on a road trip to keep the denizens of the backseat slightly quieter for the next hour until you get to a more exciting stop. It really doesn't have a whole lot of staying power. Gen of North Coast Garden ( US ) on Fri 20th May, 2016

★★★★ Fun Simple Drawing At first I thought this had to have the 3 AA batteries inserted in order for this to work. That is not the case. The batteries are for the colored lights inside the screen. There is a small magnet inside the case that moves freely across the screen. The stylus that is held outside moves the small "drawing" magnet. There is white sand that is shaken across the screen. It also moves freely inside the case. The actual activity of drawing is fairly easy, and simple, shapes, loops etc are possible. As with many toys, it will be fun for a little while, no permanent artwork here. The reason I gave only 4 stars is for limited play value, but mostly because the stylus is attached with a nylon cord which could eventually break. rose thyme ( US ) on Wed 18th May, 2016

★★★★ Lots Of Fun For Preschool Age And Up I'll admit, I thought this toy was kind of silly when I first opened the box but my kids are enamored with it. My five, four, and two year olds have all been taking turns playing with it and won't put it down. From the description I wasn't really sure what to expect. It's like an oversized etch a sketch with a window about an inch deep. This window has some sand in it. Kids shake it to spread the sand out in an even layer then use the bubble shaped magnet stylus to pull around a little piece inside the window which draws in the sand. The drawing piece is a roundish plastic bit with what looks like Velcro on top and a short, bent tube of foam on the bottom. If you choose to put three AA batteries in it there are three led lights on either side that change colors when a button next to the stylus holder is pressed.All in all it's a much better toy in person than it sounds on paper. My one gripe with it is that it's intended for really little kids. It's a 'my first' toy and the stylus is shaped so even an infant could hold it. That said, no kid under three or four will be able to shift the sand around to get it distributed in a way that lets them draw in it without adult or older sibling assistance. My two year old understands magnetic doodle type toys but this is just too many steps. It's still fund but I can see little ones and parents alike getting frustrated with it on car trips. It's not a big deal normally but if you're using this where it's very quiet know that the sand makes a scratchy noise when the foam tube is pulled across it. Liz ( US ) on Sat 14th May, 2016

★★★★★ The Act Of Getting Messy Without Getting Messy A Mom's dream come true. What kid wouldn't want to write in the sand? This is a fun and creative way of playing in the sand. We've used it in the car and at home. The stylus is easy to grip for a toddler and the background lights up in 12 different LED colors. Shake it and start the fun all over. This is a winner. SAM ( US ) on Thu 12th May, 2016

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