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★★★★★ Five Stars Love my box for my cards. Carry them in my car. Amazon Customer ( US ) on Tue 25th Oct, 2016

★★★★★ This Is The Best Hard Case That You Can Find Online This is the best hard case that you can find online. It is huge! I pick the pink color and is adorable. It comes with 6 expansion you can move them. Also it comes with a pink wrist strap very comfortable to go outside to the beach, picnic, pool or friends home. I absolutely recommend you to get it. You can buy different colors and divide the games inside. It is made of good quality and the casa is very hard to protect the cards.I received this case in exchange of my honest opinion Onena Carpente ( US ) on Thu 15th Sep, 2016

★★★★★ I Love Board Games And Card Games i love board games and card games. but when i keep taking them out of the house to bring to a party, there is a big risk of damaging the box. that is why i purchased the N cased(TM) (pink) Hard Case for C. A. H. Card Game, Large, Fits the Main Game + All 6 Expansions. Includes 5 Moveable Dividers. Fits about 1400 Cards by N cased. i love this thing! i want to get another one for all the small card game sets. it will be all in one place and organized.I received the N cased(TM) (pink) Hard Case for C. A. H. Card Game, Large, Fits the Main Game + All 6 Expansions. Includes 5 Moveable Dividers. Fits about 1400 Cards by N cased at a discounted / reduced price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. there are no incentives for giving a five star or positive review. when i am interested in purchasing an item, i rely heavily on amazon reviews by others to make my final decision to purchase or not. I try to provide as much helpful information about the product as i can to help other consumers like myself in their decision to purchase.PRO: this is a hard case for card games. i ordered the pink but N cased offers a variety of colors such as blue, green, grey, orange , pink, red , yellow, and dark grey. i have the CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY card game, plus 5 extension packs, and an additional 5 small theme packs. if i did the math correctly that would be 1,240 cards total (you can see it in the photos i attached). even though it fits the CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY set, it will surely fit many other card game sets such as Uno, Phase 10, Pokemon, Magic the gathering, Poker, Yugioh, Apples to Apples Superfight and much more. or you can use this for multiple different card games, just use the dividers to keep them seperated. i do have the CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY's Bigger Blacker Box but i am always scared to drop it and ruin or break the box. with this hard case it makes life so much easier. it measures 18 inches length x 3 inches height x 4.5 inches width. this has a zipper to zip it up nice and secure, it includes a wrist strap to help with carrying, and 5 padded dividers to keep certain sets separate.CON: none ambyBAMB33 ( US ) on Wed 14th Sep, 2016

★★★★★ Aweseom Case! Well Made.. I Love this case! Everyone thinks it's awesome when I bring it to Family Game Night.. It holds soo many of my Cards Against Humanity expansion sets. Its hard on the outside to protect the cards and it looks great too. The zipper works great and the entire case is well made. It actually feels like you are getting value out of your purchase. The inside is a nice soft material and you can adjust the Velcro dividers however you like. Thank you for making a good quality product!! The hot pink definitely gets peoples attention :) Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review. RB3 Investing ( US ) on Mon 12th Sep, 2016

★★★★★ Perfect Size For Nail Polish Bottles, Velcro Straps For Organizing, Wife Loves The Pink... My wife was looking for something to keep all her new gel nail polishes in, something that was portable, could be organized and protected them from breaking. When I happened upon this and saw it came in pink (her favorite color) I measured the polish bottles and placed my order. When it came in I gave it to her, she was over joyed!! (I was the best husband ever!!). She went and grabbed all her polish bottles and started putting them in. There are 5 moveable velcro straps that you can use to help organize things, she had them all where she wanted them and started organizing. When she was done she had plenty of room for her other nail related stuff to fit in there, almost a portable nail kit. The case is made well, seems to have enough padding to protect the bottles. She likes it so I like it.When I shop on Amazon I rely heavily on other peoples reviews to help me make the right choice on what to buy and what not to buy. I depend on other peoples honesty to help me make wise choices when purchasing items here on Amazon.com. So in turn I always make sure to leave my HONEST opinions on products that I review whether I receive them at a discount or pay full price. I try to give as much detail as I can when I can without being long winded. If you have any questions for me on something I failed to mention please ask and I will respond quickly. I received this pink case at a discounted price in exchange for my honest unbiased review which I have done. I LOVE MILO!! Squatch LOVES Milo ( US ) on Mon 12th Sep, 2016

★★★★★ I'm Putting All Of My Card Games In Here! It Will Make Transporting Them Much Easier/ Safer I don't have all of the Cards Against Humanity expansions but I have the original game along with some other card games. I got this to keep all of my games in because I often bring them with me to game nights.This came with:-- A hard case. (Very long. Similar structure to a hard CD case. I definitely trust it to keep my cards from getting bent.)-- 5 separator inserts. (These have velcro on the ends and can stick anywhere inside the case because the inside of the case is "felty".)-- A clip on wrist strap/ handle. (I'm glad this was included! it makes the whole thing easier to carry.)I received a discount in exchange for my feedback. I'm giving 5 stars because I trust this case to protect my cards. It perfectly serves it's function and is as described. The case is definitely worth the money! Card games are expensive to replace. I'm attaching pictures. Please feel free to ask questions. J Rodgers ( US ) on Thu 8th Sep, 2016

★★★★★ Great Case! I have some assorted cards (a few select older Pokemon and similar) and they are floating around I also make atc cards and so I purchased this N cased(TM) (pink) Hard Case for C. A. H. Card Game, Large, Fits the Main Game + All 6 Expansions. Includes 5 Removable Dividers. Fits about 1400 Cards. This case came quickly and undamaged from delivery. It is a very pretty pink, very sturdy and I love the the fact that the dividers can be shifted as needed. The little handle comes in handy if you are going to be traveling with this case or simple need to help make it accessible if you have put them away. I think you could put other things in here as well if you didn't have any cards. Items like pencils, pens, markers, index cards, ribbons etc etc would all fit very nicely within this case so don't get stuck just on it being for cards only. The only problem I have with this case is that the zipper pull on the right side sticks a lot and I am afraid if I keep trying to move it that it will pop off. I did manage to get it around the corner once and back again and was hoping that would loosen it up but it did not. Luckily there are two zippers so all I need do is bring the other zipper all the way around. Not really a big problem for me. This case is very nice, will definitely stand up to a few knock arounds and keep your cards safe and the storage space is wonderful! Definitely a good buy for me!I got my N cased(TM) (pink) Hard Case for C. A. H. Card Game, Large, Fits the Main Game + All 6 Expansions. Includes 5 Removable Dividers. Fits about 1400 Cards. for a reduced price in exchange for an honest review. I take my reviews seriously so therefor should anything change over time with this hard card case I will update my review accordingly. Terrell ( US ) on Tue 6th Sep, 2016

★★★★★ I Really Like This Case I really like this case. It holds the Cards Against Humanity game perfectly. I like having zippers, especially having two zippers on the same track. I like how the case is sturdy. I have been using the cardboard boxes that are designed for baseball cards, and the cards against humanity game fits, but not very well. This case holds the cards snuggly with out bending the cards. Also, this case feels more water resistant than my cardboard boxes. I haven't tested it, but it's definitely a bonus.I have two complaints, but they are relatively petty. First, this case is about half an inch too short to fit all of my cards. I say this is petty because I have all the expansion packs, and all of the crabs adjust humidity sets. Second, the carrying strap/ handle is nice, but I would use it as a backup rather than a primary means of carrying. It just doesn't seem like it is sturdy enough to hold this case full of cards.I received this product at a discount for my honest opinion, but I am truly excited about this case! Reviewers ( US ) on Thu 18th Aug, 2016

★★★★★ Fits Several Decks Of Cards - Well Constructed. Perfectly fits regular sized deck cards of any game. Measures 18" x 4" and 3 1/2" tall. The 2 part zipper makes for easy opening and closing - I zipped and unzipped it several times and didn't have any snags. Hard outer case is made of a sturdy canvas and soft cushioned interior. Looks like a light tan in color - doesn't look grey at all. I've borrowed some of my son's Magic cards to give reference of how well they fit into the compartments. There are 5 velcro dividers for a total of 6 compartments. A nylon lanyard attaches to a metal hook on the back of the case so it can be carried with a handle. I received the case at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This is a really nice case and other than the color, it is as advertised. It would be a great Christmas gift for someone who plays Pokemon, Magic or any other card game. Diamond ( US ) on Wed 17th Aug, 2016

★★★★★ Great Idea! I never thought I would need a case for a card game, but I really love it! It makes traveling with it a little easier, as you have no worry of the box opening and cards spilling. I would definitely recommend this case, especially if you're looking for a carrying case for your card game! I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. P. Farmer ( US ) on Thu 11th Aug, 2016

★★★★★ They Still Use It And Said That They Love It. This was purchased as a gift. They still use it and said that they love it. Shannon ( US ) on Mon 8th Aug, 2016

★★★★★ Five Stars It was great timing and what I wanted. kevin clayton ( US ) on Thu 7th Jul, 2016

★★★★★ Bought For Grandson And It Is A Great Case To Carry Pokemon Cards Bought for grandson and it is a great case to carry Pokemon cards. The only problem is that there are not enough dividers. I tried to order extras but none were for sale. Karen M. Ulack ( US ) on Sun 12th Jun, 2016

★★★★★ Five Stars Amazing jessica benner ( US ) on Sun 22nd May, 2016

★★★★★ Five Stars I love it. Fits all my cards. Amazon Customer ( US ) on Sun 1st May, 2016

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N casedTM blue Hard Case for C A H Card Game Large Fits the Mai

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