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★★★★ Very Handy Tool There you go this is the same as any outher tool you may have in your kit read the instructions to the full before you install itknow what your space is on your PC/LAP top ! and what you intend to download & copy, it's a good tool too use otherwise is It's all down to the common sense and the knowledge of the user. Martin ( UK ) on Thu 13th Jun, 2013

★★★★ Don't Bother I had a cover mounted version of Instant cd/dvd which seemed to be fantastic apart from certain features where locked. So i decided to ditch the nero that came with my burnere and invest in Instant CD/DVD 7 and ever since i've had nothing but problems. Firstly the whole point of buying the package was to author DVD's. the package had an easy to use and well laid out format that i was most pleased with i spent hours designing a menu system for a freinds wedding video once complete i went to burn the disc and that is where the problems started. The progress bar got to 27% every time and stopped there i left the software running over night (nearly 18 hours in total) and still no joy. I went on-line for help the customer services mearly suggested i try all the things i had tried. I then got replys from people experiancing the same problem who have had no joy from the customer services. I've tried encoding in numerous formats formatting my hard drive. The only thing that worked was buying Ulead Videostudio 7 this has no menu options but at least it burnt the footage to disc. Instant does copy CD's but on the odd ocasion still fluffs that up. Try something else. Andy ( UK ) on Wed 9th Jul, 2003

★★★★★ Instant Cd/dvd a very easy to use and clear package will fullfill all your copying needs for music cd's and video dvd's also lets you backup your hard drive to dvd and edit and burn photo's and video to cd or dvd will allow you to burn a dual layer disk on to a single layer disk with no loss of quality well worth the money Amazon Customer ( UK ) on Thu 26th Jun, 2003

★★★★★ Pinnicle Instant CD/DVD 7.0 Very simple and easy to use. Refused to copy only 1 out of 10 discs (protection issues). It recognised my NEC DVD+RW ND1100A which neither Nero 5.5 or Adaptec Easy CD/DVD Creator managed! Michael Deneys ( UK ) on Mon 9th Jun, 2003

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