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★★★★★ Easy To Use lovely camcorder, easy to use, brilliant on a TV screen. Compact, easy to store in a handbag. Mrs. Gillian Wilson ( UK ) on Fri 8th Jul, 2016

★★★★ Avoid! Awful - The sound is completely inaudible, battery life is also very poor. Do not even think about ordering if you want to be able to make out words that people are speaking, the sound quality is the worst I've ever come across and I've worked in IT for 7 years. Completely unusable, cheap, nasty tat! You have been warned. Leeoc91 ( UK ) on Fri 20th May, 2016

★★★★ PowerLead Digital Camera & Video Camcorder - 16MP Stills - 720p - Video 2.7'' LCD Viewing Screen - Works Well - Recommended I like this little video camera.It takes good pictures, even though it is hard to tell that since Amazon's system degrades uploaded video so severely. On our home laptop, the video looks natural color, crisp and clear... except when we open it in Windows Media, then that program changes the color and makes everything look over-exposed.For the most part we use our cell phones to take adhoc pictures and videos. However, when we are preparing for an event (like a fishing trip) where we would prefer to protect our phones from the elements (or from fishy-smelly hands...), this little camcorder comes in perfectly handy.We still have not figured out all of the features yet, though the user manual is not bad. As noted in the listing, here are a few of the features is comes with:* 16MP camera* Shutter timer for set shots/selfies* F/3.2,=7.6mm lens* 16X digital zoom* 2.7 inch LCD monitor that rotates 270 degrees (very cool)* LED light (for night shots)* Rechargeable NP-120 Li-ion battery* Auto White Balance* Auto ISO functionality at 100/200/400* Auto power off* Built-in microphone & speaker* USB output* TV/video output* Charger (mini-USB & wall plug)You will need to purchase a standard SD/SDHC card (32GB Max) in order to operate this video camera. We have a bunch of 8GB to 32GB micro-SD cards around the house, so we just purchase a standard SD card adapter to insert the micro-SD card into (we choose a SanDisk 16GB card) and it worked just fine.If you have a similar need for an affordable camcorder, and if you seek one of this style, functionality, size, and price, then we would recommend giving this camera a try based on our experience with it so far. Is it a professional camera? Nope... but then it is not priced like one either. Perfect for those times when you want to film an outing but do not want to risk using your phone of more expensive gear.RecommendedGo for it.We received this item gratis from the manufacturer or a seller, without obligation, and decided to objectively test and review it. My statements in this Amazon listing review reflect that testing experience. RatherLiveInKeyWest ( UK ) on Wed 11th May, 2016

★★★★★ Lightweight. Easy To Use. Affordable. Lightweight and easily portable. Sets up on tripod well. Video is great!! I use a Zoom Recorder for my audio at the same time so I didn't really care of the audio quality. I would buy this camera again! Ann ( UK ) on Tue 10th May, 2016

★★★★★ Good Camcorder For Families It weights almost nothing and even has a low light setting or those inclined to use it in those types of light. Out side it takes beautiful video and pictures and they play back well too.Very lightweight. Easy to use. we can record hours of footage. Good battery life also. George ( UK ) on Tue 10th May, 2016

★★★★★ Excellent Product Just received this camera and I am so surprised at the size and weight. Great camera. The zoom is fabulous. Light weight and fits great in the palm of your hand.Save your memories bring enjoyment to the whole family. Capture those precious moments on a modestly priced Handycam. I have had several Handycam models and have enjoyed them all. Victor ( UK ) on Mon 9th May, 2016

★★★★★ Great For Simple Livestream I am very satisfied with the way this Camcorder functions. It is not complicated. I use my camera for all my family outing such as football game, Basketball, and not leaving out those special moments such as birthdays. Sammie ( UK ) on Mon 9th May, 2016

★★★★★ Five Stars Good size, easy to use takes great pictures and videos. Mrs Angelia M Bassett ( UK ) on Sun 8th May, 2016

★★★★★ Five Stars great to use and very Light droschke7 ( UK ) on Sun 8th May, 2016

★★★★★ Great Camera For The Home User This camcorder takes great videos. We took it on our honeymoon and have lifelong memories of one of the best events of our lives. It even took great videos from the plane. Affordable and easy to operate. Very very highly recommended! Gary ( UK ) on Sat 7th May, 2016

★★★★★ Great Video Camera Option For Capturing Family Moments Bought this for my son for his birthday. He thought it was great!He loves it and is able to use it with ease. He really likes how easy it is to use the video and camera, download on the computer and share with everyone. The price was an excellent deal for the perks it has Noah ( UK ) on Sat 7th May, 2016

★★★★★ Surprising Product It came with everything needed to record and use on the computer. The screen is big enough to see what you are recording and again, with the screen open it is not too big that it is uncomfortable to use. Nagy ( UK ) on Fri 6th May, 2016

★★★★★ Great Camera For The Home User For quick, simple video with audio, this is an excellent choice. Software installs easily on computer! When I can afford a "fancy" camera with video included, I will still keep it nearby to catch a funny moment! Vancleave ( UK ) on Fri 6th May, 2016

★★★★★ Great, Compact Video Recorder great camcoder ,great pictures , very light , low price was good , excellent shipping time , you can't go wrong , easy to understand how to operate.Nice quality camcorder. Very portable and also seems durable. Raleigh ( UK ) on Thu 5th May, 2016

★★★★★ Great Camera For The Home User This is a good camera for just a very good price. Perfect for a kid or just to make some home videos. Maybe not a perfect picture but works well and easy to use.Has a good battery life, however the pictures indoors are a little dark, this may be a setting I have not found yet. Overall a great pick. Frank ( UK ) on Thu 5th May, 2016

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PowerLead Puto PLD003 DV C8 16MP High Definition Digital Video Camcorder Dv DVR 27 TFT LCD 16x Zoom

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