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★★★★ Bisapointing One disc missing so not complete set so don't checked very well before dispatch disappointed to say the least blackbelt ( UK ) on Sat 8th Oct, 2016

★★★★★ What A DVD Collection :-) What a DVD Collection :-) steveh ( UK ) on Thu 18th Aug, 2016

★★★★★ Five Stars It's Tarantino - don't buy if you don't want to see violence Heldon69 ( UK ) on Wed 17th Aug, 2016

★★★★★ Very Pleased With My Purchase Very pleased with my purchase E. A. Steel ( UK ) on Wed 17th Dec, 2014

★★★★★ True Romance Fantastic contemporary gangster movies with an extra star for missing out the annoying Kill Bill movies from the collection. Dave Ormston ( UK ) on Sat 12th Jul, 2014

★★★★★ Five Stars Great collection anthony mckenzie ( UK ) on Mon 7th Jul, 2014

★★★★ TWO Great Films pulp fiction is, in my opinion, one of the best films ever made and reservoir dogs is again a fantastic film. the only problem with this product is jackie brown which i found rather boring. you should remember that this is a bargain and should not be missed. A fool ( UK ) on Thu 28th Jun, 2012

★★★★★ Qt Is Good At Writing Morality Tales, Especially True Romance pulp fiction is about redemption, gaining back something lost. from thesuitcase being brought back to Marcellus Wallace to the jules characterbeing redeemed from a life of crime to holiness and bruce willis' character getting his dignity and pride back, in the form of a watch.-tiberius omalay tiberius omalay ( UK ) on Sun 15th Apr, 2007

★★★★★ Not Bad, Nothing Special. Everyone who hasn't been sleeping under a rock for the last 10 years will know of the outstanding quality of the films in this box set, so it is not for me to review the movies here.This box set, is however, slightly less impressive. The box itself is so-so at best; more or less average carboard box with a picture of QT's ugly mug on it.The editions of Pulp Fiction and Jacky Brown are both great - loads of extras and loads of disks.The Reservoir Dogs edition is the basic no-frills version. If you are into your fancy boxes and billions of hours of extras, then you might want to check out one of the various special editions that are available on Amazon at good prices. **Note: I notice that it says there are 6 disks included in this box set. When I got mine a couple of years ago there were only 5 - two each in Jackie Brown and Pulp Fiction and one in Reservoir Dogs. I can't say for sure but they may have upgraded the Reservoir Dogs version in this set.If you like Special/Collectors/Limited/Whatever editions of your DVDs, buy them separately, that way you will be sure of getting the right editions.If, on the other hand, you like boxes or are generally indiferent and only care about the movies, this box set is a not-bad deal.Hope that helps. HF ( UK ) on Thu 6th Apr, 2006

★★★★★ Surely A Must Have For QT Fans? I admit, the packaging looks brilliant. If you are a die hard QT fan, you would naturally go out and buy this product. However, if you are a QT fan who already own Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs (arguably the two best films in QT's pre Kill Bill era), then what really is the point in getting this "trilogy" apart from the few added extra's, the much less popular film Jackie Brown, and the fantastic moody looking QT photo on the cover? If you don't look closely at the front cover, you might think its the legendary James Dean! K. Abraham ( UK ) on Fri 16th Sep, 2005

★★★★★ Am Amazing Offer This is an amazing offer: six discs full of excellent cinema and intelligent extras for the minimum price. All Tarantino lovers should be thrilled by this. Petrides Antonis ( UK ) on Wed 22nd Dec, 2004

★★★★★ Tarintino, A Master At Work! QT's first three prequals before Kill Bill!Not only is this a rare item (out of 5000) its a perfect way to watch all of Tarantino's work in one sitting!Jackie Brown with Robert Deniro Samuel L Jackson star in a film about drugs killings police and criminals! Which are all the ingrediants for any great movie & a favourite of QT.Reservour Dogs with Harvey Keitel, is worth buying just for its soundtrack, truly a brilliant tale told about the happenings before a robbery in the eyes of the group of theives, with a QT twist!And last but NO WAY NEAR LEAST is Pulp Fiction, starring John Travolta and the star of Kill Bill (Uma Thurman) along with Bruce Willis, Samuel L Jackson... Is a about a day in the view of ddiffferent people a truly entertaining piece of work, N.B. try and work out what is in the suitcase!Along with a magnificient cast, brilliant plot and one of the best directors of our time, this hatrick is a goal for anyone who likes high action, thoughtfilled plot and unpredictable endings!! N. M. D. Lancaster ( UK ) on Mon 29th Nov, 2004

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