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★★★★★ Excellent Fun All Round Birthday present for my brother, he absolutely loves it. el_diablo ( UK ) on Thu 30th Jun, 2016

★★★★ Tiny But Fun! This tiny little drone is not only great fun (while it lasts), but its a good introduction to Drones, it can serve as a training tool allowing you to learn the basics of flying before moving up to something much bigger.The Drone comes supplied with everything you need except the batteries for the controller (2 x AAA). Everything is assembled, you just need to charge the drone battery by connecting it to a USB port, either on a computer or mains adapter. I did find that with the blade guard attached connecting the charger to the drone is a fiddly affair. The battery charges very quickly, even when completely flat the drone will be fully charged in a matter of minutes.Due to the the Drones tiny size it is very light and feels quite delicate, but providing the blade guards are left on it can take a but of punishment. The drone is fitted with four bright LED's which look great while the Drone is airborne, these aren't for show, they're there to differentiate between the front and the rear, it's easy to lose track which side is which while flying; the rear has red LED's, the front are blue. however flight time is very short at only 7-8 minutes, but as the charge time is so quick it's no too much of a problem.Because the Drone is so lightweight, I recommend flying it either indoors and outside when there is little or no wind, as a gust of wind can easily take it off course. The Drone is quite easy to fly, but at first you might experience the drone automatically veering off in unwanted directions, to correct this you can use the trim function on the controller. After a couple of sessions even novice pilots will have learned the basics, even in the living room. The aircraft is capable of much more sophisticated maneuvers such as flips and rolls, but I am yet to attempt anything like that.Overall, this is a fun little gadget, but like most radio control toys the battery never quite lasts long enough! I do however think that despite its fun factor, it is quite expensive for a drone of this size.Sample product provided for honest review. E. M. W ( UK ) on Sun 22nd May, 2016

★★★★★ Great Little Piece Of Engineering... And Fun Too!  Years ago, they used to put the recommended age range of ‘9 to 99’ on toys and games. Obvious marketing ploy. This is the first toy that might actually appeal to kids of all ages!If you have a look at the video, you will actually see some of the RC machines I have had in the past, and they dwarf this quadcopter. The largest helicopter there ran on nitro fuel and was big enough to kill a small child if it hit one. Fortunately times have changed, and the nano quadcopters are easy enough to be piloted by the same small child, and if it hit anyone, would cause nothing more serious than a chuckle.Anyway, you get a nano quadcopter, an equally nano-esque controller, a charging cable (USB) and a set of 4 spare blades. The manual is in English, and unlike competing products, actually legible and useful. A cool thing about this quadcopter is the propeller guard, which prevents the blades either breaking or causing damage.These quadcopters are advertised as Ready To Fly (RTF) so as a challenge I tried to see how long it would take to get the thing into the air from start. It took 30 minutes to charge the copter, and about 3 minutes with the manual before I was flying. Cool!In terms of ease of flying, this is pretty easy, and can be flown outside in relatively still air or inside (assuming an uncluttered room). They don’t seem to suffer much from the odd scrape, and seem pretty resilient, not least because there is a propeller guard. A really good thing about these quadcopters is that they auto calibrate themselves as part of the start-up. You just turn the quadcopter on and place it on a flat surface, and the inbuilt gyro levels itself.Downsides?A bit expensive compared to some competing copters, but I have no idea if that’s down to better quality, features (such as the auto-calibrate) or because it’s a new release. The quality of these copters certainly seems high; no burs or marks on anything, and it all fits together well.No headless mode. Headless mode is useful for beginners because the quadcopter takes left-right and back-forwards to be the same as the controller and not the direction the quadcopter is actually pointing. Also, no emergency return or emergency levelling.The flight time is as nano-esque as the quadcopter itself. In the video I got 2 minutes. In the copter’s defence, I was flying against a breeze and really throwing the copter around with sudden changes of direction. You get about 3 minutes continuous indoors. Again, to be fair, even with larger quadcopters, you are lucky to get more than 9-10 minutes, so although flight time seems small, you do pack in a lot of fun in that time. Also, that 10 minutes took about 20 minutes to set up with the largest helicopter you see in the video; filling the tank with filtered nitro, then checking all the servos and finally trimming and waiting for no wind and no kids running at the thing (a helicopter that size is a child magnet!) whilst taking off took forever. And when you do take off, you need to stand over it with a hand crank, and pretty soon have to dodge 1 metre wooden blades going fast enough to cut REALLY deep!The quadcopter battery is sealed inside the body, so you can’t take spares to increase flight time.Tips and tricks;The lack of headless mode has a workaround; don't turn the quadcopter (left joystick) and keep the quad forward of you. That way, your left and right are always the quads left and right.If you ever need to replace one of the propellers, make sure you replace it with the right one. A quad has each pair of rotors spinning in opposite directions, so there are two different types; clockwise and counter-clockwise. Difficult to see (as the propellers are so small!) but if after replacing a propeller the quad no longer lifts, you have the wrong propeller!Who would buy this?One for the kids; a lot of fun (and that includes geeky adults as well as youngsters!).People like me who were into the old school RC but got put off by the cost of a crash (it was mouth-wateringly expensive!) and set up time; with these, you just turn it all on and it works.Anyone who is looking to eventually buy a more expensive quadcopter and wants something cheap to get the muscle memory going. That’s actually me; I own a BlackMagic cinema camera and have been looking to get it airborne for a while.To conclude, a fun toy or practice body for a larger quadcopter. Flight time is decent for the size, and it’s very easy to get going and maintain. I’m not sure what the price difference between this and much cheaper versions means, but this one certainly seems like a quality item; well-built and stable.Note - that sound like the Aliens are landing partway through the video is my girlfriend running a bath. Unfortunately, the camera was right under the steam flue on the combi boiler! ShammyB ( UK ) on Sun 24th Apr, 2016

★★★★★ Good Fun This quad copter has proved a great hit in our household. The unit consists of the copter, a set of spare blades, a USB charging cable and the controller. I really like having a controller rather than using a smart phone as I have previously had to do with a quadcopter. The controller does require two AAA batteries and they are not provided.The drone itself is small but highly manoeuvrable and great fun to fly. It is relatively simply to get started but takes a great deal of skill to control it without crashing. Fortunately the unit is fairly sturdy and you do have spare blades. The whole experience is rather addictive and it certainly helped pass a few hours over the weekend.Flight time is around 8-10 minutes per charge and charging time is roughly 25 minutes.The drone itself arrived really well packaged in a smart black box with silver writing. This is ideal if you are looking to give the items as a gift.Please note I was provided with a complimentary product in order to write this review. RK ( UK ) on Thu 21st Apr, 2016

★★★★★ Great Fun This is the latest addition to my growing fleet of remote controlled toys. I do now have four drones but I am by no means an advanced "drone operator", rather a novice that crashes often. What I like about this particular drone is the fact that you can actually fly it comfortably at home due to its tiny size. It is very easy to handle and so far proves to be crash resistant with the guard cage protecting the whole of it. This is what you need if you have never flown anything before. You can learn in the comfort of your home.In Flight 5/5---------This drone is quite easy to fly. It is obviously not as powerful as some big ones but on full power setting it is very nippy and quite quick. There are 3 power settings and you can change them any time with the remote, making the drone a bit more gentle if you are a beginner or faster and more agile.Controls on the remote are quite precise and smooth so there is no twitchy or jerky movements from the drone. It flies and handles really well and even without any trimming it did hover nicely out of the box.In my opinion, this type of drone is more suited to flying indoors due to its size and power. This does not mean you cannot fly it outside. I did take it out a few times and it handles surprisingly well with a bit of wind but you can certainly feel it being pushed around a bit more compared to the bigger models.You only get a couple of minutes of flying time with this little thing. Product description states 7 to 8 minutes flying time. This is a bit overstated as I never got more than 4.5 minutes out of it. Considering how small it is and how big the battery must be this is still not that bad in my opinion. The battery is sadly not removable but looking at similar drones, none of them are really. Charging is said to take 30 mins but I found that to be about 20-25 mins with my wall charger.Build Quality 5/5-------------It just feels solid. Very lightweight but the plastics feel very strong. It does come with a full rotor guard cage so you are unlikely to damage them. I did have quite a few crashes already and it is still in one piece. You get a set of new rotors in the box as well.Remote - 4/5--------The remote is quite small but controls are still accessible and work smoothly. It runs off 2 x AAA batteries and those are not included.The range is said to be 50m. I have not tried flying that far away as the drone is so tiny it would be hard to see it. I did fly it about 20-25 meters away and it was still responding fine.My only reservation is the way you change power setting and initiate the flips. On bigger remote controls this is normally done by separate buttons. Here you do have to press down the actual control stick to do that. What this means is you are bound to move the control stick and while doing so veer slightly of course. Not the best solution in my opinion and it takes that bit more focus to execute.In the box you get:- Drone- Remote- Spare set of rotors- USB battery charger- Instruction manual in EnglishTo summarize:+ Easy to fly for beginners+ Speed settings+ Resilient to hard landings and crashes+ Handles very well indoors and even outdoors with light wind+ Good flight stabilisation and mine hovered nicely out of the box without trimming- No separate buttons for speed settings or flip initiationI hope you found this review informative and helpful. Thanks for reading.Visit my YouTube channel for HD quality video - you will find the link in my Amazon profile.Supplier provided me with a sample for the purpose of expressing my honest opinion about this product. The Person ( UK ) on Mon 18th Apr, 2016

★★★★★ Skeye Nanodrone - A Great Deal Of Fun And Easy To Use. This product was received free from the manufacturer in return for an honest and unbiased review.I have a little play around with remote controlled helicopters in the past - just a few hours and to be honest I never got the hang of it. This little gizmo is way easier to use, and even a numpty like me had it flying first time.What's in the box: drone, control unit, charging cable, spare prop blades and instructions. You will need some AAA batteries for the controller.First impressions - excellent packaging that makes this feel like a quality product. The drone is about 5 cm across, and fits in the palm of my hand. It is light, but doesn't feel particularly flimsy. The material it is made from is slightly soft and springy, meaning it should adsorb shocks well. The charger is a little fiddly to get in, but once in there is a light on the cable that tells you the charging status. Well designed.I recommend a careful reading of the instructions before trying to fly. However, after reading I found it relatively simple to get it off the ground, something I never managed with a remote controlled helicopter. It makes a noise like an angry wasp when going. It's taking quite a bit of practice to get as far as tricks and flips, but I have been able to get it going and make a few wide sweeps of the garden. I almost have enough fine control after a day of practicing (about 5 flights over 5 hours, 10 minutes apiece with the rest of the time charging) to consider trying it indoors, though I want to be a lot more confident before I try it near any breakable ornaments. The controls are intuitive and the control unit ergonomic.It;'s a great deal of fun, and relatively easy to use. 5 stars. Victor ( UK ) on Fri 15th Apr, 2016

★★★★★ Tiny But Amazing. I Love It! I love gadgets and gizmos and jumped at the chance to try out this nano drone in exchange for an honest review.It's a blistering bit of kit! Tiny, but boy, it delivers. I've wasted ( well, had a lot of fun) a whole day playing nano drones round the house. So what do you get?It's very well presented in clear strong plastic outer box. The first thing to note is that this is a 'nano' drone. It's tiny, just on 2" square and sits at the top of the box. It comes with a neat USB charging lead, controller ( needs 2 AAA batteries, not supplied), well written instruction booklet, four spare black blades. They'll almost certainly be necessary at some point, although the drone is surprisingly robust considering it's made from plastic.First thing was to get the drone on charge. I stuck the cable into the port on the. Drone (might be a bit of a fiddle if you have large hands as its tiny). Charging status is indicated by a red light which goes off when charge is complete. It took just under 45 minutes to charge up. There's an on/ off switch on the drone, with the batteries installed in the hand control, it was up and ready to fly in under an hour from delivery. Well, when I say fly, that's a bit wishful! One bit of advice if, like me, you're new to these things, read the instructions. It helps master the controls and saves a lot of frustration. I'm amazed at how this whizzes round. I have a long kitchen diner area with turns left and right at the end. The first charge lasted around 10 minutes, but only took 30 minutes to charge up again.There are different level settings depending on your skills. As yet, I have no skill and considered getting it up and flying, even if it was into a wall, a significant achievement, but I've had a lot if fun learning. Despite crashing a number of times onto tiled flooring, there's no damage. On a calm day, I'd love to whizz this round the garden and adjacent field. The control range seems amazing. One word of caution; there are propellor guards, but tiny fingers should never go near the blades whilst they're rotating. This isn't a toy and children would need to be supervised.I haven't mastered a single trick yet, but I'm getting the gang of how the aerodynamics work and gave no doubt that in skilled hands, this would be barrel rolling and flipping with ease! I'll just have to waste even more time enjoying myself practicing. The great thing is I have another nano drone and I can see drone wars being played in the kitchen fir a little while to come.I'm amazed by this gadget. It's way better than anything I expected and I can see it being fought over in most households. Brilliant fun. Bookie ( UK ) on Tue 12th Apr, 2016

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