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★★★★ I Am Definitely Looking For A Program That Is More Compassionate For Their Customers And Who Don't Act Like Used Car Salesman Wi Once they have you you're held hostage. They lock down your system if you don't pay for expensive upgrades when they see fit. Whether you think you need them or not.. I run a small non-profit with 3 employees. I have payroll for three people and I have accounts payable and receivable. They make you upgrade every year or you are disabled. They make you pay for numerous services whether you need them or not. I am definitely looking for a program that is more compassionate for their customers and who don't act like used car salesman with high pressure sales tactics. If they ever get a credit card # they will auto update and send you the receipt without notice. You have to go through major measures to get it rectified. They are thieves in my book. they didn't used to be this way. I am looking for another program. Amazon Customer ( UK ) on Tue 2nd Feb, 2016

★★★★ Good So Far I guess ive been spoilt with what I've been using at work and have tried not to judge this on what has cost hundreds of thousands to set up and is an a highly professional nature. I've recently looked into setting up a small company for an interest I have outside of work and while excel will get me there I wanted something a little better.This software is relatively easy to use if you have had previous exposure to software and know the basics of bookkeeping and accounting.4 stars so far. I love New York ( UK ) on Sun 27th Dec, 2015

★★★★★ The Complete Package This really is the pinnacle of the medium size business accounting software. At first I was thinking for a long time whether I would normally justify spending £1000 on any kind of software, let alone an accounts package, but after quite a while of exploring (after the easy installation!) and delving into the features Account Professional offer I'd very likely buy it if what I'd experienced was a trial.I have experience with Quickbooks in my previous company and have to say it is quite noticeably easier to install and set up, as well as being simpler to operate day to day, but Sage is very much the stalwart long term, in my estimation. It has the much more solid feel and is a much deeper and more refined package that is a complete 360 view of your company. The option to expand the license (at extra cost) to up to 20 people is something that is very likely to come in handy or most small to medium businesses looking to hand over control at any point, or to split the time between another employee.Before purchasing I'd really recommend trying to see what it is about and experience the roundness of the suite, because whilst £1000 may seem ridiculous, the amount of help it offers going forward is immeasurable. Helix ( UK ) on Tue 22nd Dec, 2015

★★★★★ Great Accounts Package Sage has been near the top of the accounting software tree for a good few years now and this latest version of Instant Accounts maintains that position.Easy to install,intuitive to use with video tutorials and 45 days free telephone support available (a charge applies thereafter),this software is a great option for any small business.A recent addition to the software is "Sage Drive" which allows remote access.The ability to calculate and then submit VAT returns directly to HMRC,easy control over cash flow and stock level details are just some of the benefits of this package.The cost should easily be offset by a resultant saving in accountants fees. Happyfamily ( UK ) on Mon 21st Dec, 2015

★★★★ Simply Add Sage (Not Recommended For Duck, Pork Or Beef Recipies) Sage 50 Accounts (which at first glance seems expensive) it simply great at helping you keep track of income and expenditure. It lets you keep track of exactly what is happening with your business at a glance. Anything and everything in terms of finances can be handled by Sage 50 Accounts - it's worth every penny and will help you save the pounds.The only problem I had was I found the software rather difficult to understand and use at first. The way things work and the layout of certain features seemed strange and confusion - to the point that I started to Google for tutorials (there is a "For Dummies" series book to cover Sage 50 Accounts which I'd recommend to help save time and pain.Simply put - it's a must, which only suffers in rating because of the initial difficulty to use and lack of a decent manual. Andrew Kerr ( UK ) on Sun 20th Dec, 2015

★★★★ Another Good Product From Sage This is a great accounting software if you already have accounting experience especially with sage. I wouldn't say this is the easiest product to use, especially for beginners however it does get easier the more you use it. You can link the product directly to HMRC so you don't have to file the dreaded forms with them separately. I have to say if you're just starting your own company, get an accountant. Especially if you don't have accounting experience. At the current price, you'll save yourself a lot of money and time. This product is more for medium-large size businesses. M.C ( UK ) on Thu 17th Dec, 2015

★★★★ Seems To Have All You Could Want - But Not Quite As Usable And Handy As Others. Software is - like wine - somewhat a matter of taste. Well designed software has a definite flavour to it which reflects the ideas of the team that made it. If you're in accord with their approach or can come to appreciate it, then you will like the software. For software, this extends to all aspects - the visual design, the structure of the menus, the way the help facility is setup and accessed - all kinds of things over and above what the software can actually do for you.So, having recently reviewed quickbooks and liked it very much, I am less enthusiastic about Sage. Not because it appears to do anything less, it seems to offer the same things and facilities - at least at the entry-level I am looking at it, but because I am less admiring of the overall structure and design ethic. Don't misunderstand, it's good, but I didn't find everything as intuitive and "to hand" as I I did with Quickbooks. Sage's market position speaks for itself in terms of the functionality - but my purely personal opinion as an accounting noob - is that Quickbooks is rather more usable. AlanMusicMan ( UK ) on Sun 13th Dec, 2015

★★★★ Come On Leaps And Bounds In Terms Of Usability Day to day I use the online accounting package Clearbooks, but have previously used and reviewed several versions of Quickbooks recently.I was very interested to be offered a chance to review Sage 50, which I assume is a development of Line 50, which my bookkeeper used for years until I went 'solo' with Clearbooks. Previously I had been warned that this was a very difficult package to use (as Line 50) and was not very logical for new users. I had heard apocryphal tales of new users spending 2 hours simply trying to cancel an invoice.Sage 50 is still a package with a steep learning curve. Simple tasks are much of a muchness, such as the customer database, creating an invoice, etc... More complex are things that would be easy on Clearbooks such as merging two customers, copying an invoice to create a draft quote (perhaps for another customer buying the same goods / service).This must be a fairly substantial release as it's barely recognisable from even 2 years ago when I last saw it, looking more like a pre-Windows 8 version of Office than ever. In terms of usability, Sage 50 has come on leaps and bounds since I last tried it, and I would say it's more usable out of the box than ever. If you're looking for absolute mainstream integration, such as gas engineers using Clik planning and certification software, it can't be beaten. DJ Bez ( UK ) on Sat 12th Dec, 2015

★★★★★ Sage Is Far Superior To Any Other Accounting Package As someone else has pointed out, if you don't know Sage, either get yourself on a Sage accounting course or get yourself a good book.Sage do not provide sufficient instructions to this product and you will need a refresher at least.Sage works best for medium businesses, a sole trader would have limited need for this product. Sage makes life easier once you know how to use it but for a very small business, it is overkill.It runs in a spreadsheet type format with lots of buttons that can flummox if you don't know what you're doing. Again, a good advert there for the Sage guides that are so easily obtained.I've used Sage 50, Accounts Plus, Quickbooks and SAP. it has to be said, I find Accounts plus far more "premium" and worth spending the extra on it. But if you can't, this will do everything you want it to without the added extras that Plus offers.It can be organised in order to manage daily tasks such as invoices, proforma's, reports, sales and purchase ledger and it will maintain correct entries for HMRC if required.It is a professional programme, has the ability to produce very important looking documentation and is a handy package that saves on time consuming issues.Sage is a good, solid, well established programme. It reacts to user input very well and works with Windows 10. This is definitely worth the time and effort spent trying to learn. It opens doors you never knew existed.Sage, will help you, it is a fantastic piece of software and one I won't deviate from. Quickbooks is nice, helpful and good but Sage is far superior! If you have used sage previously and are looking for an upgrade but don't want to spend the best part of a grand on plus, this is definitely the better option. Loopielou ( UK ) on Mon 7th Dec, 2015

★★★★★ Gets Better Every Year I've been using Sage for my accounts for over 15 years and each years update just gets easier to use and more user friendly. At this rate, Sage will be doing my work for me in 10 years time! I Like Cheese ( UK ) on Mon 7th Dec, 2015

★★★★★ Easy To Use, Powerful, Intuitive Layout Sage is far easier to use than SAP in my opinion. It's one of the best known tools available, and has a good reputation. I wanted to try it so I can add the skill to my CV, and I'm basically self-teaching myself how to use it.On installing the software and getting it setup and running, I was very impressed with the intuitive layout of the user interface and the reports. In fact, the entire setup only took me 30 minutes.There are lots of templates already setup for small businesses or sole traders to use, and if you are a new business, there Is a practice mode available within the software so you can practice creating dummy records, invoices, stock takes etc without that data being in your live data set. Additionally there is a complete demo data set too, ready populated, so you can practice managing and reporting on it. This was very helpful for me to get a feel for the software.The screen layouts are easy to navigate, the fonts and colours are easy on your eyes (one of the things I hate about SAP is that it's not eye-friendly!) and the panes are not cluttered so it's easy to input data or run selections.The software has not noticeably slowed my PC down, I was a bit concerned that it might, but so far Windows 7 seems to be coping, though I'm not working with much data yet.I really like the ease of use layout of Sage, it's a lot nice than the SAP that I've been used to. 5 stars. Matthew's Mummy ( UK ) on Sun 6th Dec, 2015

★★★★★ Not At All User Friendly For Service Based Business I has been looking forward to trying the Sage software, having used Quickbooks for many years, and struggled with programme is its not optimised for service based business. Everyone said Sage is the gold standard so I had high expectations. For product based business that may be the case. The programme is very comprehensive, set up customers, products, invoice them, run reports, run payroll with a subscription extra service. But for service industries it’s a waste of time in my opinion.Could not find any where to log time, set billing rates and generate a service based invoice. Went to the online help and did not find any thing of use. There’s a lot of different ways to get help, but the software takes you to the generic page for all Sage products, a webinar sound very informative, but I’m not sure if my package is entitled to this and I want help now not have to register for some time in the future. I searched YouTube and found nothing to help in this respect, looked at example accounts, text help pages found nothing. At nearly £800 I expected more. Can’t recommend. Sue H ( UK ) on Sun 6th Dec, 2015

★★★★★ Some Sage Comments Installation was simple and hassle free, took about 8 minutes including a software update for Microsoft Office.Unlike most other reviewers this is my first experience of anything like this, I am totally new to Sage and have not previously used accounting software. What is quickly apparent however is that while the price may raise an eyebrow or two, it's actually very good value when you consider the long-term cost benefits. As a small business or sole trader something like this is probably essential unless such financial management is delegated to an accountant (which is what I have always done in the past) and while that has its own attractions I can see the appeal of a more hands-on approach, one that offers more direct control. Once mastered - which won't be a 5-minute task, that's for sure - this makes a lot of sense. It's a bit like an up-market camera, in that the skills of the user will determine the outcome.I will update this again soon as I develop my understanding of it, but for the moment I'm very impressed. O E J ( UK ) on Sat 5th Dec, 2015

★★★★★ Great For Small / Medium Sized Businesses This accounting software is ideal for businesses which -* DO function well with a small Finance department (no more than two people);* DO NOT trade with other countries in the EU, nor with foreign countries generally;* DO NOT market a large number of goods and / or services to their customers if any.I therefore surmise that this would ideally suit sole traders, specialist service providers and public sector bodies, such as schools - i.e. bodies that do not necessarily trade as businesses in the market place, but who are obliged to keep a professional set of accounts nonetheless. If a company needed to, e.g. create a price list of its product or services, it would either have to invest in Sage 50 Account Professional (PC), or make use of other software instead. (Hey! If the price list isn't too complicated, this could theoretically be done with MS Office!. Just a thought).This being said: so long as your business falls within the scope of those intended for this product (describe by Sage as "small to medium sized businesses") this software package is great for its purpose. I particularly appreciated the reporting functions and its VAT-functionality (which admittedly are features common to all Sage 50 Accounts packages). Alex Sumner ( UK ) on Mon 30th Nov, 2015

★★★★★ Been There, Done That..... Sage has a massive installed base, lots of skilled book-keepers and a host of third party add-ons to cover most areas of business accounting. It does all you would expect including VAT and the difficult topic of Payroll. There are differences between the various ranges of software, but these are mostly a matter of taste. I personally prefer Intuit's products (it's where I started) but am happy to use others. With Sage Drive you can now access the cloud with your Sage products which is where everyone is slowly moving. Charles Vasey ( UK ) on Sun 29th Nov, 2015

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