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★★★★★ This Is One Smashing Awesome Game! This Game exceeded my expectations, my first thoughts about this game were questionable. I first expected it focus on "fanservice" as it turns out it's just side gravy, so I decided not to judge the book by the cover. I'm glad I decided to get it, I love the control mechanics of the game play and it is so easy to control the characters. I enjoyed the flow of the story and the development of the characters in the game and their relations with each other and the diversity of their fighting styles, it was well done. The game is so good I'm willing to over look the fact only the clothing of the character is damaged during battle and they seem to be immune to cuts and slashes, and it is not just the abundance of female characters whom get striped. The game made my day when the male villain was striped to his speedo, and that was when I died laughing and this game became one of my all time favorites.In summary to my ranting, to those unsure to buy this game or not...DO IT. You will not regret it, unless scantily clad people offend you. Grant Marble ( US ) on Wed 30th Mar, 2016

★★★★★ Five Stars Good game for people that enjoy the show and books. Anthony M. ( US ) on Tue 29th Mar, 2016

★★★★★ Still Need To Find And Play The 1st One :) Excellent deal and price. also nice shipping as the package came in unharmed :) drake ( US ) on Thu 24th Mar, 2016

★★★★ Beware Beware this is the American Version and was not listed as so. Amazon Customer ( UK ) on Sat 19th Mar, 2016

★★★★★ Well Done. Besides the obvious fanservice. the game is as solidly designed as you'd expect from XSeed. Nab this if you've a 3DS. Steve ( US ) on Thu 17th Mar, 2016

★★★★★ Five Stars love it kairi ( US ) on Tue 8th Mar, 2016

★★★★★ Really Fun Action Game With Tag Team Co-op I completed the main story and finished most of the Special Missions and Yoma's Nest. I have played in single player and online multiplayer co-op. The game is really fun, it is a lot smoother than Burst, and playing with other people is a blast.The soundtrack is great (60 tracks! All soundtracks in game bundles should always have at least this many songs.), and the inside behind the 2 discs will definitely make you smile or laugh (Hint: they are Haruka's). Having the instrumental version of Beyond Light and Darkness would've been cool, since you unlock it at the end of the game, but I'm already pretty happy about the number of tracks.Only minor gripes are not being able to write to other online players what you want, as preset phrase bubbles are listed instead (A few people I played with did not know how to perform a Stacked Secret Ninja Art, which made final bosses in Yoma's Nest quite tedious. Being able to write custom messages would've helped.), and that 2 of the story chapters are a retelling of the ending of Burst and fights at a hot springs resort. I would've wanted more chapters featuring Kagura and Naraku.Other than that, I highly recommend this game for lovers of hack 'n' slash and co-op games. KSH ( CA ) on Wed 30th Dec, 2015

★★★★ Faulty Game i purchased two copies neither of which worked on my Nintendo 3ds Adam sheead ( UK ) on Sun 27th Dec, 2015

★★★★★ Five Stars is fun and cool chris ( US ) on Mon 21st Dec, 2015

★★★★★ Nice Beat-em-up. Quite better than the first one. Amazon Customer ( CA ) on Wed 9th Dec, 2015

★★★★★ Five Stars boobs.... Ji Lin ( US ) on Sun 22nd Nov, 2015

★★★★★ Five Stars I enjoy this game and still am Jay Purvis ( CA ) on Sun 15th Nov, 2015

★★★★★ More Than Just A Jiggly Game I am brand new to the series, and started with this one. After playing it for a few days, I immediately went back to purchase Burst and Shinovi Versus. It's definitely got way more depth than a lot of people are giving it.Sure it plays its sexual appeal on its sleeve loud and proud, as well it should. The art design, while a bit gratuitous in its fixation on the female figure, is extremely well done and super-high in quality. The artwork and character depictions, along with the range of clothing and various fixtures within this game, best many of the cookie-cutter RPGs that people laud for being beautiful. This focus on quality extends as well to its sound design and soundtrack, which the Double D version includes as a two-disc bonus. The music in this is spectacular, and is what pushed my review from a four star to a five. It's an outstanding eclectic blend of Japanese-infused rock and metal with some tracks that veer off that and into the range of heartwarming. The art and sound teams deserve a huge pat on the backs.The gameplay is a lot like the [Insert Franchise Here] Warriors series, probably coming closest to the recent Hyrule Warriors in battle style but less enemies and more variety in dynamics. The game runs very well on the 3DS, better than I expected it to. Battles are fun, and Yoma's Nest gives a lot of replayability to the leveling up system. The game has tons of unlockables, and the story is silly and thoroughly enjoyable.If you're not comfortable with a game focusing on somewhat sexually explicit material, you may not enjoy Senran Kagura. By all means, it isn't meant to appeal to everyone based on its design. But the creators know their target audience, and anyone who can appreciate it on one level (at the sexual level) or another (at the satire level, or aesthetic level, or gameplay level) will find a rewarding and satisfying experience.Major highlight of the game for me is the Co-Op story mode, available either via local or internet multiplayer. It takes a bit to unlock (first chapter and two missions into the second finally unlocks it for you), but it is such a rarity on a modern portable system outside of Monster Hunter to have this kind of cooperative experience in a game, especially outside of local wireless.Overall, I would say give it a shot if you aren't afraid of jiggle physics and like 3d brawlers. Level99 ( US ) on Thu 12th Nov, 2015

★★★★★ Definitely One Of My Top 3DS Games. If you're a fan of Senran Kagura Burst, or a fan of hack-n-slash games, you'll absolutely love this game. Big improvements over Senran Kagura Burst, including the story, extensive content and gameplay (and let's not forget plenty of fan service).Rating: 10/10 Greg Pinder ( US ) on Sun 8th Nov, 2015

★★★★★ Five Stars Fun game Alex ( US ) on Fri 30th Oct, 2015

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