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★★★★★ WHAT CAN I SAY BUT A GOOD PROGRAM For What You Are Paying For It Is ... WHAT CAN i SAY BUT A GOOD PROGRAM for what you are paying for it is now getting used to it the one can say more about the program.But at this we will see later. jeremy john benge ( UK ) on Mon 16th May, 2016

★★★★★ Five Stars works very well so far Dragon48 ( US ) on Tue 23rd Jun, 2015

★★★★★ It Works, But Beware. I tried this program after a stitching program I had been using became useless when I upgraded to Windows 8. Evaluation - average at best. While the program stitches photos together, the resulting stitched-photo loses significant definition, having been saved by the program with much less data together than the original photos separately. Amazon Customer ( US ) on Thu 4th Jun, 2015

★★★★★ Quality Of Resulting Stiched Images Lacks Resolutiion Went to Maine during the summer and took a number of shots that needed to be stiched together. While the interface for the program works well, the resulting stiched panoramic images is of very low reslution. It was only after that I used the Serif software that I realized that my CS3 software did the same thing (I played around with it and figured it out). With CS3 the reulting stiched images were more than a sum total of the combined MB's but a friend taught me how to save them as smaller images (12MB). Serif cannot compete. The panoramic prints produced by the software may be OK for sending over the net via Facebook or the like, but for professional quality, look elsewhere. J West ( US ) on Wed 25th Dec, 2013

★★★★ I Use It And Like It I've been using versions of Panorama Plus for several years now and like it a lot. I work in real estate and find it very helpful when showing the flow of an open floor plan. It is also a great alternative to using a wide angle lens which can give a distorted view when shooting one room.Yes, you have to be able to take multiple photos hand-held in a panning motion...or just use a tripod...and overlap your shots. But if you can accomplish that, just pull the photos into the software and it pretty much takes care of the rest. On rare occasion I've had a little trouble getting photos to stitch...and that is why I only gave it four stars.I don't use Panorama Plus for art gallery photos...but if you want to show a street of homes or a golf course view or a vacation sunset at the beach to share with family, friends and clients it works great. For the price it is tough to beat. Some Guy in Ohio ( US ) on Fri 20th Jul, 2012

★★★★ Save Your Money Get the free version. I was having trouble with the free version, so I took a chance and paid $20 to upgrade. It wasn't much of an upgrade.If either program did what it says it does, it would be great. The problem is that unless the pictures you are submitting are exactly what the program likes, it will tell you that it cannot make a panorama. It "cannot find any areas of similarity." I managed to get one decent pano put together, but that's all. No matter how I present the photos, it cannot join them.They say that you should use a 30% - 50% overlap on your photograhs. The examples they show you are by no means perfect snap shots, but their program seems to be able to make a panorama out of them. I used a tripod and took lots of pictures of each section so that I would have many samples to try for the final product. No matter how I sorted and arranged them, the program could not recognize that they were similar shots. I took several photos of an old brick building. It has dormers, doors, windows, a variety of roof surfaces - very distinctive features, but the program could not make a panorama. I also took four pictures of my yard, but the program could do nothing with them. I guess I was just lucky that I was able to get one panorama from the free version.The best I can get it to do is join two photos - if Im lucky. Sometimes I will give it four photos, but it joins only two of them. I was hoping that upgrading would give me a working program but, once again, I made the mistake of buying software. When will I learn?! Book Carpenter ( US ) on Wed 3rd Aug, 2011

★★★★★ Disappointing Features And Quality I used the download version of Serif PanoramaPlus X4 for a computer running Windows XP Pro. Although I don't expect professional quality or performance for $20, the overall product was below par. The output image quality is fair, and contains shadow artifacts where adjacent images overlap. The user interface is simple, but runtime performance of PanoramaPlus X4 was poor when stitching seven 8-megapixel images together. Additional features of PanoramaPlus X4 are limited; it does not provide the ability to adjust lens parameters or adjust perspective. Be sure to select "Optimum Size" in the "Resize" option of export (default image compression is poor).Also note: I installed the application twice. The first installation was clean and the tool appeared to run, but with poor results (it wouldn't recognize overlapping images). I uninstalled, re-installed, and tried again with better results (but still disappointing).Consider other free panorama tools: Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE) has more features (and it is free). Hugin is also free, but complex capabilities require more effort than a casual software tool. Search the Internet for "free panorama software". gregb ( US ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★ Serif PanoramaPlus X4 I have had PanoramaPlus for several years, from version 2 upto X4. The strange thing I find is that V2 works far better than X4! The main problem I have is that X4 frequently refuses to make a panorama from large digital images (30-40Mb+). However V2 is perfectly happy with any size of original, even if I crop one or more of a set, it still works. Yes, compared to more expensive software (I run AutoPano Giga also) it is often not so good at the joins or blends, but for the money it's not bad. I would recommend anyone looking for cheap panorama software to hunt around for a copy of V2... A. J. M. Gomm ( US ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

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