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★★★★★ ... Been 2 Years I Have This Radio And Its Awesome, I Dropped It On The Floor A Lots ... Its been 2 years I have this radio and its awesome, i dropped it on the floor a lots of time and even on concrete and she is still going!!! Awesome purchase!! catherine ( CA ) on Mon 27th Jun, 2016

★★★★★ Coming In Loud & Clear A gift for my dad, thats clear, loud & static free... Amazon Customer ( CA ) on Fri 3rd Jun, 2016

★★★★★ Five Stars Je l'aime beaucoup beaucoup! Client d'Amazon ( CA ) on Sun 29th May, 2016

★★★★★ Five Stars Had to return because we needed a cassette player Marian L Strom ( CA ) on Fri 27th May, 2016

★★★★★ Love It! First off, the reason why the price of this unit has more than doubled in recent months is because it's been discontinued. And what a shame that is. I've read awesome things about this little Sony online. It has fantastic reception. Quite a good DXer, as it picks up AM stations far and near. The headphones that come with this radio aren't any good. Use any pair of ear buds you like. $40.99 sounds pricey and is pricey for this radio. Until fairly recently this radio was selling on Amazon for $15. I highly recommend this radio to those who especially love AM or DXers. Enjoy and buy it while you still can! Alex L. ( US ) on Fri 11th Mar, 2016

★★★★★ I Wanted Something Light And Easy To Use When Kayaking And This Fit The Bill I wanted something light and easy to use when Kayaking and this fit the bill. No issues with not being able to get a station at all...very happy Jaunitta May ( US ) on Fri 11th Mar, 2016

★★★★★ Five Stars GREAT RADIO. Amazon Customer ( CA ) on Wed 9th Mar, 2016

★★★★★ Bought For Someone With Special Needs And It's Both Easy To Use And Durable Bought for someone with special needs and it's both easy to use and durable. GREAT choice if you want something basic and easy to use. Kate ( US ) on Wed 9th Mar, 2016

★★★★★ Five Stars great little radio no interfence from neon lighting indoors Lee Kale ( US ) on Thu 3rd Mar, 2016

★★★★★ Five Stars Sounds great Kurt ( US ) on Thu 3rd Mar, 2016

★★★★★ Radio Works ok but the signal in this area is poor and therefore the reception is iffy. Other than that it is well made and would work well in a better area. Pete Jacobs ( UK ) on Fri 19th Feb, 2016

★★★★★ Very Good Value would recommend it to anyone, it's the third or fourth i have had since its conception. its good value. Could do with reception booster on occasion. Head phones could do with a physical I.D. between left & right ears, cant see small print on ear pieces, so i put a loose knot on one side. ( going blind in old age). paul jedzinski ( UK ) on Tue 9th Feb, 2016

★★★★★ Great Just what l wanted very good l would recommend it to anybody and it is so easy to use its great. Carole Gordon ( UK ) on Tue 9th Feb, 2016

★★★★ Great very handy little radio for when i am out and about. not the best tuning it loses it sometimes but it suits my needs. C. surtees ( UK ) on Mon 8th Feb, 2016

★★★★ Sony Walkman I'm very pleased with this purchase, it arrived very quickly with no fuss or hassle. I can now listen to good programmes when I can't sleep at night without disturbing my husband. KATIE bULLOCK ( UK ) on Sun 7th Feb, 2016

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