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★★★★ This Is By Far My Favorite Game For The GameCube And Wii This is by far my favorite game for the GameCube and Wii . I own a Nintendo Wii and it is compatible with this game I am happy with the condition of the game. Patrick ( CA ) on Wed 25th May, 2016

★★★★★ Gamecube Edition. Its fun and makes you think like a regular Zelda game. Im just playing this now. 9 years later. I have both editions, Wii and Gamecube but this version is smoother. MissReina ( CA ) on Fri 30th Oct, 2015

★★★★★ Five Stars Yep perfect in every way. Kami ( CA ) on Fri 18th Sep, 2015

★★★★★ Five Stars Couldn't be more pleased. Ryan Heward ( CA ) on Mon 22nd Dec, 2014

★★★★★ Five Stars Awesome Gabriel Plante ( CA ) on Sun 28th Sep, 2014

★★★★★ What I Got Was In Excellent Condition And I Can Tell That The Original Owner ... Totally worth the price!I've gotta say, for a used product, what I got was in excellent condition and I can tell that the original owner took great care of it.All in all, Twilight Princess is worth buying no matter what and I consider the great condition to be mere icing on the cake. I can't recommend Twilight Princess enough (for the right price of course), buy it.. like.. NOW!! Joseph Ragusi ( CA ) on Sun 24th Aug, 2014

★★★★★ A Much Needed Turn. This story, game play and overall theme give the series a return to the dark side (excuse the pun). After the well rounded OoT came the dark and enjoyable Majora's Mask. Then came the cartoonish and great story of Wind Waker. This game gave me the feeling of being a Majora's Mask to Wind Waker. A dark and well rounded game. Great game play mechanics coupled with a re-playable story line marks this as a must play for all gamers alike. Jared Fournier ( CA ) on Thu 26th Sep, 2013

★★★★★ Very Good Zelda Game, Must Have! This is probably one of the best Zelda games on the GameCube. When it was released many people said the Wii version was the best mainly because of the motion controls, but this version of the game plays great! The graphics are incredible for a GameCube title and it is in general just a fun game to play. Highly recommend. Jacob ( CA ) on Wed 21st Aug, 2013

★★★★ Really Good Game! I am a really big fan of The Legend Of Zelda since I was 8 so this game is really, but really good! Zhyrmar ( CA ) on Thu 8th Dec, 2011

★★★★★ The Best Legend Of Zelda Title... Ever! I was given the Wii as a present back in 2006, and Twilight Princess was bundled with it. This was my first 3D Zelda, after playing "Link's Awakening" and "A Link To The Past" for the Gameboy and Gameboy Advance. I was completely blown away. I knew I had to get the original Gamecube version at some point, and I decided I would for Zelda's 25th anniversary, along with other Zelda memorabilia. As you play this game, you can tell it was made for the Gamecube. It feels so comfortable. If you own a Wii or a Gamecube, you must own this game! redlight79 ( CA ) on Tue 13th Sep, 2011

★★★★★ Zelda - Twilight Priness This game was bought for two grandchildren, a boy of eleven, and his sister a year older. The game completely engaged their attention for long periods, there was keen competition over who should use the controller, but the non-user of the moment was still immersed in the play, calling advice and suggestions. I was impressed by the seemingly unending variety of scenes and situations that provided many hours of non-violent entertainment. I would highly recommend this game for children of that age group. Kerno ( CA ) on Sun 8th Aug, 2010

★★★★★ About Time I don't want to buy the Wii, I really don't. I would rather go with another system so what do I do? Wait until this game is released on December 12.When they said this is going to be the best Zelda game (yet), god they weren't kidding! The graphics, the gameplay (and the added ability to skip cutscenes) are legendary for a legendary series.The beginning of the game is extremely annoying to go through, especially if you have no clue where you are going. It took me about 2-4 hours to just go through it, which was very frusterating.The dungeons are very, very good (every Zelda gamer knows that the dungeons are the meat and potatoes of the game) unlike the Wind Waker dungeons that could be cleared easily on your first time, these puzzles are extremely intelligent, causing you to usually think before you act!The saving is great too, all you have to do is press START and choose Save, this is another great feature of the Zelda series: Easy saving!I have to disagree with the long wait, however. I was very impatient for the wait, but you can tell that they REALLY tried here (Four Swords Adventures, this ain't) nearly everything is fully interactive, and the fighting is really intense.Later in the game you learn special sword techniques. Of course, you must arealdy know one if you've kept up with the news and watched the trailers: It's the finish move.Pressing the A button while your foe is down on the ground is a great ability (before you get this, you can only make sure your foe is dead if they start turning black and explode aka the Wind Waker)!I would order this for your Gamecube if you don't want to shell out for the Wii, it's basically the same version except Link is left-handed.I have found no lagging issues in this version, which is really good and unexpected, showing the great amount of the Gamecube's power.It's really too bad that 2006 (and a little bit of 2007) might be the last year for Nintendo Gamecube, and hell, this might even be the last great game for it, which is also too bad.However, if you're getting a Wii, I would just go with the Wii version, so you can try the new Nintendo technology.5 stars for fun5 stars overall ... ( CA ) on Tue 26th Dec, 2006

★★★★★ Great Great Simon Pouliot ( CA ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★ Très Mauvais Achat! J'ai Payé 70 $ Pour Avoir ... Très mauvais achat ! J'ai payé 70 $ pour avoir uniquement le jeu sans le case . C'est inacceptable la moindre des choses c'est de prévenir lorsque la personne l'achete .Je suis vraiment pas satisfaite de cet achat ! Audrey ( CA ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★★ The Best Zelda Game Of 2007 this game was alot of fun. the last boss was really easy in fact all the bosses were easy. even if i had to give my memory card to my friend for him to help me i still say it is fun. hey wanna know who the last boss is. he is a black tall elf. if u have super smash his is in the first row and he has a giant lighting looking sword. give up. y don't u buy this game a see for your self. Sally Fong ( CA ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

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The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess - GameCube

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