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★★★★ The Book Was In Good Condition And The Memoir (Night) And Stories Consider The ... The book was in good condition and the memoir (Night) and stories consider the depths to which humans can be capable of sinking as well as the challenge of maintaining emotional and interpersonal equilibrium after surviving such horrors. I think it is a sobering reflection on motivation and relationships. Amazon Customer ( UK ) on Sun 3rd Apr, 2016

★★★★★ Brilliant Book. Wanted It For Ages Brilliant book. Wanted it for ages. Cannot state how much this book needs to be read by everyone who wants to know or understand the horrors that happened it the Holocaust. Unbelievable how people survived such terror. Recommend. Catharine Scobie ( UK ) on Thu 31st Mar, 2016

★★★★★ Five Stars Interesting ekaterina garner ( UK ) on Sat 26th Mar, 2016

★★★★ A Never Again Prayer For Mankind. Extremely moving. Should be compulsory reading. stephen bainbridge ( UK ) on Thu 17th Mar, 2016

★★★★★ My 6th Graders Did A Book Club With The Book & Loved It. This book is so moving & is told from the eyes of a 12 year old Holocaust survivor. My 6th graders did a book club with the book & loved it. campinglover ( US ) on Thu 31st Dec, 2015

★★★★★ Five Stars Well written and informative. Kevin Shinsky ( US ) on Sat 24th Oct, 2015

★★★★★ Excellent Book, Expected Violence And Extermination In Prison Camps Excellent book, expected violence and extermination in prison camps. Authors ability to deal with and overcome horrendous situations. Incredible book a must read Joyceanne Flanagan ( US ) on Fri 23rd Oct, 2015

★★★★★ Five Stars Sad, but very interesting Debra L. Mapes ( US ) on Thu 15th Oct, 2015

★★★★ I Did Not Like This Book Especially The Second Part Which I Did ... I did not like this book especially the second part which I did not understand. I kept asking myself why this book got so many good reviews?? Ilse Wenzel ( US ) on Tue 6th Oct, 2015

★★★★★ Great Trilogy Great trilogy of books in one volume. Deals with the traumatic experiences of someone that lived through the Nazi extermination camps and how it effected his life. I remember reading parts of Night in a history class in high school and wanted to read the whole trilogy to try and better understand what happened in that time in history. TechGeek ( US ) on Sat 3rd Oct, 2015

★★★★★ Beautifully Written And Insightful Elie Wiesel tells it like it truly was. Susan Wolf ( US ) on Sat 12th Sep, 2015

★★★★★ Five Stars A great book to read MARCELO CALIZ ( US ) on Fri 31st Jul, 2015

★★★★ Night I Recommend..the Other 2 I Would Pass i really liked night. alot happens and it keeps you reading you get close to the character and everything he goes through. the other 2 are alot different first being as they are fictional stories unlike night. i found that dawn was really hard for me to get through as everything is taking place in his head and its all just a single event i kinda got bored with it. day (the accident) was also a single event but it was a little more involved so i found it a little easier to get through but i still found it a task i wouldnt really recommend it. im glad i purchased this as a trilogy instead of separate books i wouldnt have wanted to pay separately for the last 2books they really did nothing for me. C. R. Stickell ( US ) on Mon 20th Jul, 2015

★★★★★ Five Stars The reality of the story was awsome... faroneve ( US ) on Tue 16th Jun, 2015

★★★★★ Part One Was Great NIGHT was a great story but DAWN and DAY were sort of boring. mrs bunnynose ( US ) on Wed 3rd Jun, 2015

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