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★★★★★ Get To Grips With Why We Snap Excellent book with easy to follow and understand descriptions and reasons to why we SNAP, would recommend. Zooney ( UK ) on Thu 21st Apr, 2016

★★★★★ Well Researched And Interesting Read. Dr. Fields' extensive research and insights are a must read for anyone trying to understand why individuals unexpectedly react with extreme and unpredictable violence. The ideas presented by him will help the reader to recognize some of the potential warning signs which can assist in mitigating the risk of violence in any setting. This book clearly illustrates that when an event occurs, “it’s never about what it’s about.” While a minor event may trigger and outburst, a closer examination reveals that there are other factors at play which have a cumulative effect, leading to extreme, irrational and violent behaviour. William C Malone ( CA ) on Mon 4th Apr, 2016

★★★★★ Excellent great book Amazon Customer ( UK ) on Tue 1st Mar, 2016

★★★★★ Good For Casual Reader I did not think this is an unusually good book. There is not much science, what there is is simplified, and there are many anecdotes. The general thesis is not really groundbreaking, and the book could have been edited down. However, if judged more as casual reading for a general audience, it does have the merits of a perky prose style, some intelligent editorializing, international episodes of adventure when attending conferences. It's impressive he can write a book on what sounds like a busy schedule. Damon LaBarbera Damon G. Labarbera ( US ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★★ For Me This Is One Of The Best Books On The Topic Of Violence I've Read This one of the most insightful reads I ever had. For me this is one of the best books on the topic of violence I've read. Douglas Fields is a great writer, and has a real knack for explaining a wide variety of things with clarity and wit. carlosuseche ( US ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★★ Started Good But Then Lost Its Way Started out great but then turned into a bunch of "war stories" and sensational exploits of people who did amazing and heroic deeds, which are admirable, but if I wanted that type of book I have a shelf full. If you are interested in the "why" of why we snap, you'll have to pan for those nuggets in a meandering creek of story telling later in the book. Bryan Warren ( US ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★★ Excellent Book! It's hard to understand why people suddenly commit violence against another person, but this well written book by respected PhD Neuroscientist R. Douglas Fields explains why so many people "flip out" and react violently in stressful situations. Recommended reading for anyone to understand the nine triggers ingrained deep in our brain that will drive us to act without thinking. saltblock ( US ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★★ Too Insubstantial For An Entire Book Material is too thin for an entire book. The author lists 9 reasons why we flip out or "snap", basically because circumstances are threatening, and it all seems fairly obvious and mostly overlapping.I must admit skepticism about the account of super-human reflexes when his wallet was purloined in France, his daughter grabbing the loose cell phone, then two hours of being chased by heavily tattooed gangsters, sounds a bit Hollywood. Also the claim of super-quick intuitions of the military SEALS seems annoyingly exaggerated.In contrast, while the details biology no doubt was accurate, it was too detailed to accurately follow for this casual reader.There are interesting anecdotes and items from the news, but interleaved with interpreting each with a half dozen of the 8 explanations and statements that if we understood the explanations, we might somehow avoid flipping out.Even skimming large sections of text, this book periodically lost interest. So in sum, lots of cool stuff, but not a smooth and clear read. JohnVidale ( US ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★ Downloaded This On Audible And Liked It So Much That I Bought A Hard Copy ... Downloaded this on Audible and liked it so much that I bought a hard copy as well. I am currently studying for my masters in neuroscience and found that the book had interesting anecdotals that were supported by a well synthesized collection of past research. My only complaint is that the organization of citations (and some times, lack of citations at all) made it challenging to find the original sources being referenced. Joelle ( US ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

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Why We Snap Understanding the Rage Circuit in Your Brain

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