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★★★★★ Great Set Head's Up: One of the photos show two beard trimmers: One that is 1-18mm and one that is 1-12mm included. This is NOT the case; there is on 1-18mm for your beard/mustache, and one 3-20mm for your head. I've reported it to Amazon, so we'll see what happens. The 1-12mm stubble comb is still available on different versions. As of this writing, you can get one sold by GSELLERS for $26 (same ASIN and model number, which makes this really confusing) that includes this stubble comb.Now onto the actual review :)I own a Philips Norelco 1250X/47 (Series 8000) and the corresponding Click-On Styler head, but wanted something cheaper for a long bit of travel (that way I don't cry if it breaks/is stolen). This isn't the best trim in the world, but it does alright.The "default" trimmer isn't as sharp as my 1250X, so I had a few times where I'd get a hair pulled rather than cut. The adjustable guard is far more adjustable than my other one, so I'm still dialing in which "number' I want. Be sure to start with a larger number than you'd expect, lest you shave off more than you bargain for :)As for trimming your downstairs (of which I haven't tried): This isn't as good for that as a few other units due to the flat top to the guard. Look for a shape closer to what the RQ111 which is more straight on. With the number of times I was "bit" when using this on my face to clean up my neckline, there's no way I'd use this without a guard.Nerd facts for those who are curious about powering this guy:The power supply has a 110/220v input, 4.3v 70mA output with a model number of A00390 providing the juice. You could seriously just charge this thing with a USB port with a little work! Seriously. It's a few resistors and some solder, or you can buy one on eBay for about 12 bucks. PrinceP ( US ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★★ Nice Complete Set. very nice set and the biggie my grandson, 18, asked for at Christmas time. it has all the pieces he could need and works well. NanaJan ( US ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★ Four Stars Solid shave and simple to use attachments. Wish it came with a bag or holder Rachel Justiniano ( US ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★ Four Stars This product seems to be exactly what is advrtised. Joel Bearden ( US ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★★ Five Stars Thank you Les Higgins ( US ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★ I Ordered This Trimmer Because Of The Great Price And All The Attachments That Come With It I ordered this trimmer because of the great price and all the attachments that come with it. The only reason it is not 5 stars is because it takes a little more effort to trim my beard, but it does the job all the same. My last pair breezed right through, and I have a fairly thick beard, not to mention they also lasted for 13 years before dying. Only time will tell if these will have the same longevity, but as of now, they are doing what they need to do. Matt Dayton ( US ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★ Four Stars Good quality and good prize Luis Felipe Morales Gordi ( US ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★★ And It Is Useless. very long charging time, and it is useless. SHERIF AZIZ MALAIKA ( US ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★ Best Trimmer For The Price Does the trick! Keeps a good charge. Has stayed sharp for me. I use it about twice a week and charge it only once a month. Decently quiet operation, good adjustability. Skyler Hager ( US ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★ Four Stars easy to use. Very much worth the money texas ( US ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★★ Five Stars Great product. Fast delivery! Tina Remillard ( CA ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★★ Great Value All the attachments and the price combined with a solid working product makes this a great value. Erik T ( US ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★★ Three Stars For the Price it was a great deal !! jack holmes ( US ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★★ Awesome. I Use It All The Time Awesome. I use it all the time, wish it had a case for all components but all components work well and thanks to the wireless nature I never have to pay too much attention to the battery or if its on or off the charging station. Works fantastically to keep my beard down.I use a razor to keep the lineup straight but this will work well too. The other attachments I don't use too often but they work well too.The battery lasted from a full charge to empty..about 2 weeks. Adrian Debi ( CA ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

★★★★ Gets The Job Done. Working fine so far. Gets the job done. Manuel Antequera ( CA ) on Wed 31st Dec, 1969

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